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Velai Illa Pattadhaari 2 – Movie review

After the success of Velai Illa Pattadhari (VIP) follows VIP 2 directed by  Soundarya Rajnikanth and story by Dhanush . In the story we follow Raghuvaran (Dhanush) our hero , is now married to Shalini ( Amala Paul) and getting used to married life. We are also introduced to another character Vasundara played by Kajol who is returning to tamil cinema after two decades. Vasundara who runs the top architectural firm in South India, wants Raghuvaran in her firm after he wins the prestigious Engineer of the year award. But Raghuvaran’s who wants to start his own firm says no to the offer. This triggers a chain of reactions and adds fuel to the ego war between Vasundara and Raghuvaran. How Raghuvaran manages to tackle Vasundara’s rage is the rest of the story.

Though the films starts with a fresh face of Kajol , the movie doesn’t offer anything new. We find traces of Padaiyappa in Dhanush and Kajol encounters. The first half is faster than the second half which drags to a clumsy finish. Though Kajol dominates the screen along with Dhanush , weak storyline and lifeless screenplay makes the second half unbearable. Addition of characters from the previous part makes the first half enjoyable but the same flow is not maintained in the second half. Dialogues written by Dhanush manages to create his fans roar in the theatres but nothing stays in the mind after you come out of the theaters. Music was a big letdown from Anirudh  as well. Overall the movie gets 4/10

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Brindhavanam – movie review

Kannan(Arulnidhi) is an orphan and speech and hearing impaired guy living in Ooty, he works as a barber and lives happily with friends and well wishers. His close friends are Varkki ( doubt kannan) and Sandhya (Tanya) who know him from childhood. Kannan is big fan of Actor Vivek and when he finds his favourite actor taking a break in Ooty , he is in cloud nine. Vivek too finds a unique bond with Kannan and they become very good friends . But things get complex when Sandhya proposes to Kannan , and Kannan just dismisses the whole idea without a reason and even breaks his friendship with Vivek as he agrees with Sandhya. Why does Kannan shy away from relationships? That forms the rest of the story.
Director Radha Mohan is clear from the word go to keep this the story simple and clean, with comedy on the shoulders till the end. Arulnidhi gives a decent performance in comedy but he still struggles in sensitive stuff .Tanya comes as a relief in this dull looking cast and performs well. The whole movie is carried by Vivek as he keeps the movie alive till the end. But too many repetitive scenes makes the audience yawn since we move to a predictable ending. Editor could have been strict screenplay could have been more crisp. I still give it 5/10 , since it’s way better than some of the summer releases.

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Kashmora – movie review


In the beginning scenes of the film we see Kashmora (Karthi) is a black magic specialist , helps a family which is tormented by a spirit. He fights the spirit and saves the family. He issued as a saviour to the public and even Prayed as God my the people who come and visit him and his family in his Ashram. In reality he and his family are all frauds fooling people and running scams . Yamini (Sridivya) a college student who is fascinated by ghosts and after life tries to join Kashmora’s group. But she learns his true colours and waits for an opportunity to defame him. Meanwhile a politician reaches Kashmora to get rid of bad luck and to save him of imprisonment from an ongoing murder case. With luck and coincidence Kashmora saves the politician and becomes more popular. When all in favour of Kashmora he is approached by old man to help him wade of bad spirits from his house. Though reluctant at first Kashmora agrees to help him,little did he realises that fate has drawn Kashmora and his family to the spirits themselves . What happens next is the rest of the story.
What starts of like horror drama, coverts to a horror comedy and entertains the audience to the maximum. For Karthi comedy comes naturally and he performs with ease. Accompanied by Vivek and well sorted cast the first half just breezes through in a flash. Though Second half is slightly dragging with some serious storyline, it doesn’t loose its humour foundation and entertains the audiences. Karthi as the villainous Rajnayak in the second half is not completely convincing but carries through. Nayanthara is wasted in the second half, while Sridivya is barely visible in the film.CGI and VFX are decent, production design is good, but music and songs are big disaster and could have been better. But still Kashmora does entertains, so it gets 6/10


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Thozha – Movie Review

A story of how a social misfit Seenu( Karthi), and a paraplegic millionaire Vikram ( Nagarjuna) mend their broken lives which were crippled by their past.Seenu who has been disowned by his family, is a petty criminal who has just come out of prison on parole. He is looking for a jobs which will show him as a social worker and get him a permanent release. Vikram a multi millionaire who has become a paralysed neck down after a paragliding accident, is looking for a caretaker. In world which sees him sympathetically , he chooses Seenu who looks at him beyond his handicap. How both their lives changes during this period, and how they help themselves is rest of the story.
Though a remake of the comedy drama “The Intouchables” , Thozha has its own flavour which makes it a feel good film for the whole family. Both Nagarjuna and Karthi carry the film in a smooth path. Karthi with his casual presence and improvement in comedy timing makes him a good choice for the role. Nagarjuna who has to use only his facial expressions for the role,shows his experience as a seasoned actor. Tamanna role was that of a glam doll and was kept to a minimum. Kudos for the team for binding the film with values rather than cheesy commercial elements.The strength of the film was also the weakness, as after a stage in the film you are left with same kind of melodramatic cloud which never comes down pouring.The audience wait for a change in the momentum , which never seen happens. Bgm plays a huge part , but the songs are dry and doesn’t work . Though the team manages to pull it off by decent but a predictable ending , duration of the film spoils the show. I give it 5/10

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Sakalakala Vallavan – Movie review


Sakthi ( Jayam Ravi) is a rural protagonist who is always counter attacked by Chinnabutthi (Soori) in their village. Though Chinnabutthi always ends up in failure or often humiliated he is ready to challenge Sakthi whenever he gets a chance. When Sakthi falls in love with Selvi ( Anjali) Chinnabutthi’s relative he calls for a truce and become friends. Sakthi and Anjali’s love is broken when Sakthi is forced into marriage with Divya ( Trisha ) in a dire situation. What happens next forms the rest of the story.

A big ensemble of a cast was wasted in this poorly executed film. A baseless storyline, irritating dialogues and comedy. Songs and music are worthless. This movie is not worth an audience. I give it 1/10


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Vai raja vai – Movie review


Karthik (gautham) is born in middle class family, has the ability of ESP. In his young age he is unable to understand it and uses it helps is friends at school . He tells is father about is power, his father worried that he might be treated as a freak and might even lose his way , asks him to make a vow not to use his ESP and suppresses his ability. As he grows up he forgets about his ability and leads a normal life.Years after he gets his intuitions back when there is a crisis in his office and solves it. Pandian(Vivek) is colleague notices his powers and manipulates him into gambling . Karthik also gambles since he is in need of money for his sisters marriage. Karthik wins big but also comes into the radar of Randhe(Daneil Balaji) who runs a gambling network. What happens to Karthik after that is the rest of the story.
With a very simple story Aishwarya Danush weaves a 2hour movie with a huge cast . Gautham does a better job than his earlier film but has to work on his facial expression .Priya anand and Tapsee share very little screen space but did a decent job.Vivek does bring little comic relief here and there but nothing new. Songs are a huge disaster only saving grace is the cinematographer’s work in it.Daniel balaji’s does a decent job but his actions are a replay. Screenplay could have been better and the interesting scenes have very less duration.The director not knowing how to finish the film finally plays the Danush card and completes the film in a lighter note. i give the film 3/10


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