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Nenjil Thunivirunthal – Movie review

Kumar(Sundeep) and Mahesh( Vikranth) are close friends . Mahesh is aggressive in nature whereas Kumar wants to lead a simple life without any issues. Mahesh and Kumar’s sister Anu are in love and they keep their relationship in secrecy . Kumar cares for Mahesh so much that it often gets him into trouble too. Parallel to this, the city has a ruthless gang lead by Duraipaandi( Harish Utthaman) who just doesn’t do illegal stuff , but makes use of the situation to his development. Things get heated up when Mahesh gets in the way of a illegal Real estate business and he becomes a target for Durai paandi’s gang. How Kumar manages to sort out all of this is the rest of the story.
Director suseendharan is known for his films having a strong friend relation, a story revolving middle class families and a ruthless villain. This also has the same formula but with little twist. Sundeep is still in his moulding form so he has to learn more , but happy to know that he is choosing right roles. Vikranth does his role to perfection, pity he is just been used as a sidekick. Harish Utthaman is gritty and matches the role perfectly. Saying that the story lacks balance , it moves off course in between and comes back into play and finishes incomplete. Dialogues could have been better and planned with the sequence as they looked bold in between and pale in the rest.The whole love angle of Sundeep’s character was unnecessary and could have been totally avoided. Music is big letdown and doesn’t work out except for bgm in some scenes. Overall movie is fine but doesn’t satisfy the audience in the end. I give it 3/10


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Thondan – Movie review

Vishnu ( Samuthirakani) is a emergency Ambulance driver, who looks this as a public service more than a job. He his so committed that once patient is in his vehicle he makes it a point to get to the hospital on time. He even manages to turn his drunkard friend Vignesh into medical attendant and finds him a job. When he saves a man who left bleeding behind in a political murder, he earns the enemity of the local politician son Narayanan(Namo Narayanan). Things get more complicated when the politician brother ends up dead in his emergency vehicle when he is taken to the hospital for medical help. The politician owes to take revenge on Vishnu and his family . How Vishnu diverts the politician and manages to save is family is the rest of the story.
Though it was clear that this was going to be a film with Samuthirakani preaching non stop in the film, we thought there would be story to support it. But film lacks a decent screen play and wanders up and down loses it way. Samuthirakani even tries his hands in some romance , but fails miserably . Vikranth gives a decent performance, and so does Arthana who comes as Samuthirakani’s sister. First half is slow and picks up speed before the break. Second half is cluttered but ends decent . More messages but less story gives the film 4/10.

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Kavan – Movie review

KV Anand and team chooses the media which is TRP driven and who would do anything to come first in the ratings. Tilak( Vijaysethupathy) who is honest journalist waiting for his chance in making big in the television industry. He gets a job in Zen1 news and entertainment channel which wants to be the number one channel. He also meets his ex girlfriend Malar( Maddona Sebastian) who runs the programming team. Initially the channel seems fine but then he comes to see the other side of the channel which manipulates news and shows just to create a sensation and tweak up their ratings. But when the channel head Kalyan ( Akashdeep Saigal) teams up with a corrupt politician and manipulates news on his talk show, Tilak breaks loose and quits his job. He and his friends join a lesser known channel run by Mayilvaganam(TR). How Tilak with the help of his new channel brings down the corrupt politician & zen1 channel is the rest of the story.

Though this content is not new KV Anand and team makes it glorified drama , maybe a bit too much. Halfway through the content just fades away and only the masala bubbles on the top. Vijay Sethupathy keeps you alive but the screenplay is very vague trying to run simultaneous plots. TR was a nice addition, but just adds to the comic side of the film. Madonna Sebastian has one lousy duet song and then becomes a junior artist who stands in the first row throughout the film. Maybe the film could have some new faces in the cast , seriously tired of looking at the same cast in all of the KV Anand’s film. Kavan just gets 4/10

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Gethu – Movie Review

Movie starts with the introduction to a high profile assassin called the ” bull” ( Vikranth) getting his next assignment to kill a scientist in the next 30 days. Then we are shifted to KumiI where our Hero Sethu ( Udaynidihi Stalin) a librarian living peacefully with his Father Thulsiraman (Satyaraj), mother and sister. His Father the high school P.T. Master runs into trouble with the local councillor and his brother who run a bar near the school premises. Sethu gets into a fight with the brothers when his family gets threatened . The next day one of the brother is found dead and evidence make Thulasiraman the suspect and he is arrested. Sethu starts to investigate the murder along with his police friend (Karunakaran) when they stumble upon a bigger conspiracy behind the murder, how they solve it is the rest of the story.

What’s starts as a interesting thriller , fades off into thin air . Story wanders without a path and ends as predicted and dull. It’s happy to know that Udaynidhi has come out of comedy and tried an action thriller, but his dead and emotionless acting tells us that he is not ready for it. Amy Jackson just comes in as a glamour doll, and doesn’t make any impact on the story. Vikranth as an actor has more potential but is wasted even without a decent dialogue in the film. Film doesn’t comply with its own title and just ends up being a failed thriller . I give 2/10



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