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Petta – Movie review

After the trailer and audio launch mesmerised the world, Petta got a huge opening and was considered one of the biggest releases of the super star. With the acclaimed director Karthik Subburaj supported by the Sun network this film got the attention of the whole world this Pongal. Story starts when a normal college hostel warden post is recommended by ruling party member, raises eyebrows around the campus. In comes Kaali ( Rajinikanth) who immediately gets the attention of the college kids and brings things in order around the misdoings around the campus. Students too seeks his help and he always stands with them. When the local don’s unruly kid makes trouble with a young lovers in the college, Kaali intervenes and helps them out. But at the same time the another group is trying to kill a student, only then Kaali truly shows who he really is and the purpose of being there. Who is Kaali and what’s his real agenda is the rest of the story.
Only the super star can hold the screen presence like this, in Petta the Superstar not only dominates the screen but mesmerises the audience with his style and charisma. The way they had moulded him in his character, his stylisation, his makeup and the way they had shot the scenes makes this the best presentation of his films in the last decade. Music by Anirudh is outstanding and will be a sure hit with the visual presentation by the cinematographer Thiru supporting each song and each frame of the film. The cast though with minimum screen space have given a good performance. Other than the superstar Vijay Sethupathy stands out , Nawazuddin Siddiqui has been wasted in the film with no scope. The duration will be the weakling of the film, clocking 172 mins. The advantage and the disadvantage of this film is Karthik Subburaj , he has glorified the film with a celebration of the superstar from scene to scene and forgot about the duration and the formation of the story. The first half moves fast , engages the audience but without an aimless storyline. The second half has the storyline but the pace is slow but catches up only in the climax but ends well. I give the film 6/10

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Seethakathi – Movie review

The film portrays the veteran Stage actor Ayya Aadhimoolam, who has huge respect in the tamil drama society. Though given opportunities in film, he prefers acting in front of the audience. Now as the theatre art form is dwindling, Aadhimoolam and his troop struggles to survive. In a surprising twist he starts to act in films, which makes him a superstar. But nature of today’s filmmaking and commercializing of the art form makes ‘Ayya’ disappointed and he disappears leaving his producers in a tight spot. This creates a frenzy between the fans and the filmmakers. How it ends is the rest of the story.

First Seethakaathi needs patience as it only picks up after the first hour, the director takes his time to build the character and his phenomenon which takes over the film till the end. Balaji Tharaneetharan carefully blends drama to dark comedy which may not appeal to most of the audience, but kept me engaged. Vijay Sethupathy has actor has made a mark, though his fans might be disappointed of his short screen presence. Mouli and rest of the caste has done a fabulous job. Duration and repetitive scenes makes the film dull, though some may argue on the duration. I still feel in 30mins extra and could have been trimmed. The hero of the film for me where the cinematographer and the production design team as they have supported the theme very well. I give the film 4/10

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96 – Movie review

Ram( Vijay Sethupathy) a travel photographer lives alone , always on the go and living where the nature takes him. On one of his teaching projects he lands in his home town of thanjavur. He visits the school had studied which brings back old memories. This leads to connecting to old friends and finally leads to a reunion of the 96 school batch in Chennai. For Ram this is more than a reunion as he going to meet his one and only love Janaki Devi (Trisha). How they meet once again and how they spend those few hours reminiscing their past is the rest of the story .
With lot of love director Prem Kumar takes us to our school day memories and mesmerises with nostalgic music by illayaraja. With terrific Bgm and songs by Govind Menon the film takes us to a different space. I wonder how Vijay Sethupathy becomes the very character he adorns and transforms himself to create magic on screen. Trisha too delivers equally onscreen and she shares equal space with Vijay Sethupathy . Actors who play young Ram and Janu Aditya Bhaskar and Gauri Kishan are equally good and mostly dominate the first half. Other cast members perform well but have limited screen space.Second half is slightly slow but both the actor’s chemistry and acting leaves us speechless. I give the film 8/10.

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Chekka Chivantha Vaanam – Movie review

Chekka Chivantha Vaanam , more than it’s a Mani Ratnam’s film ,when the star cast of four leading artists were roped in for this movie, it created huge buzz in the industry and for the fans. The movie starts with an introduction of the main character Senathipathy (Prakash Raj) a kingpin who rules not only the state but the across the nation and also manages worldwide mafia, is attacked by a unknown group. He and his wife Lakshmi(Jayasudha) survive the attack but are seriously injured. Senathipathy’s sons Varadhan (Arvind swamy), Thyagu (Arun vijay) and Ethi (STR) who take care of business across the world are distraught and go on a killing spree to find who’s behind this attack. But the question rises as who will take command of business after their father, which creates a huge cloud over the siblings. As each one has their own grudges on their father and between themselves the stage is set for a huge drama. How this ends is the rest of the story.

The first half just breezes fast, as the Director balances each character and gives enough screen space for all of them. Vijay sethupathy who comes as the Rasool a corrupt cop and a close friend of Varadhan steals the show throughout. Jyothika too plays a major part and does it faithfully. Aditi Rao Hydari is the weakling in the whole film, her character doesn’t fit or create much impact.The second is where the story lags and loses its charm, Songs are left in the BGM and fades unfinished which sort of a let-down, usually they create a huge impact in Mani Rathnam’s films. Screenplay too wanders aimless for some portion of the second half, which makes the audience restless. Chekka Chivantha Vaanam is far better than the previous bunch, but leaves the fans unsatisfying. I give the film 5/10 (out of which 4 is for the first half).

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Junga – movie review

Story starts when a police inspector is instructed to encounter a Don called Junga( Vijay Sethupathy) who is in custody . As the Inspector takes Junga to a undisclosed location, on the way the Don narrates his story how he became a Don and how he got arrested. In the flashback Junga who is a calm Bus conductor, gets violent when his girlfriend (Madonna Sebastian) is harassed. Only then he comes to know thru his mother (Saranya Ponvannan) that she has kept protected all these years from the bad influence of his Ancestors who were gangsters. Though his father and grandfather were Dons they squandered money all over the place for cheap publicity and glamour. They even lost their wealth whihc included a movie hall named Cinema Paradise. Now Junga who is brought up by his mother as a stingy and conserving person, becomes a miserly don, offering discounts for taking up jobs and tries to buy back the theatre. How he does this and what problems he faces is the rest of the story.

The only thing which tries to keep you till the end of the film is you hope that Vijay Sethupathy and Yogi Babu will at least have a good scene. But the audience groan and leave the theater anguishing why they bought tickets . The first half tries to make you laugh but the whole second half is wasted by elaborate and mindless scenes shot across Europe. Please save your money, you can definitely skip this film . I give 1/10


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Karuppan -Movie review

Maayi (Pasupathy) is a local headman and respectable person in his community, he is proud of his bull which has never been tamed in the annual Jallikattu . On one such occasion,and In the heat of the moment he agrees to give his sister Anbu( Tanya Ravichandran) in marriage to Karuppan (Vijay Sethupathy) if he tames his bull. As expected Karuppan tames the bull. Though reluctant at first Anbu agrees to the marriage much to the disappointment of Kathir (Bobby Simha) Maayi’s brother in law who had his eye on Anbu since childhood. Disoriented Kathir starts to create problems in their married life , will their marriage survive from Kathir ‘s treacherous acts ?this forms the rest of the story.
With Jallikattu as backdrop and with a graceful performance by Vijay Sethupathy Karuppan is a certain hit in B and C centres. Vijay Sethupathy clearly dominates the screen and rest of the cast gives him good support. Tanya Ravichandran gives a good performance , could have concentrated more on her lip sync though. Bobby Simha and Pasupathy too give a commendable performance. Having such good performances the story has nothing new to offer and lands up very predictable without any twists. Karuppan gets 5/10

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Puriyatha Puthir – Movie review

Puriyatha puthir the much delayed film Vijay Sethupathy released this week with very minimal shows. Kathir ( Vijay sethupathy ), Vinod and DJ are close friends from their college days. Kathir is an upcoming music director and is managing a music shop. It’s love at first for Kathir when he meets Meera ( Gayathrie) in his shop. Both get closer and eventually fall in love, but tragedy strikes when Vinod affair with his boss’s wife gets leaked thru a video message , next Kathir gets obscene images of Meera in his phone, and finally DJ gets caught in a drug bust which is exposed thru a viral video. Who is targeting Kathir and his friends and what’s the reason behind all this is the rest of the story.
Though the intended message being conveyed and with a decent performance from Vijay Sethupathy the film fails with disoriented screen play and vague presentation . With a very good role presented to Gayathrie she doesn’t deliver. Rest of cast too gives a mediocre performance. Technical aspects like editing, art direction and cinematography seems amateur. Though movie’s duration states its 120mins, its very slow placed. The film gets 4/10


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