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Nenjil Thunivirunthal – Movie review

Kumar(Sundeep) and Mahesh( Vikranth) are close friends . Mahesh is aggressive in nature whereas Kumar wants to lead a simple life without any issues. Mahesh and Kumar’s sister Anu are in love and they keep their relationship in secrecy . Kumar cares for Mahesh so much that it often gets him into trouble too. Parallel to this, the city has a ruthless gang lead by Duraipaandi( Harish Utthaman) who just doesn’t do illegal stuff , but makes use of the situation to his development. Things get heated up when Mahesh gets in the way of a illegal Real estate business and he becomes a target for Durai paandi’s gang. How Kumar manages to sort out all of this is the rest of the story.
Director suseendharan is known for his films having a strong friend relation, a story revolving middle class families and a ruthless villain. This also has the same formula but with little twist. Sundeep is still in his moulding form so he has to learn more , but happy to know that he is choosing right roles. Vikranth does his role to perfection, pity he is just been used as a sidekick. Harish Utthaman is gritty and matches the role perfectly. Saying that the story lacks balance , it moves off course in between and comes back into play and finishes incomplete. Dialogues could have been better and planned with the sequence as they looked bold in between and pale in the rest.The whole love angle of Sundeep’s character was unnecessary and could have been totally avoided. Music is big letdown and doesn’t work out except for bgm in some scenes. Overall movie is fine but doesn’t satisfy the audience in the end. I give it 3/10


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Maanagaram – Movie review


A young man who comes to get a job in the city to earn more money, A love story between an arrogant young man and a practical girl. A family which comes to city to starts a new life on account of their son’s health and a kidnap which goes wrong. All these stories and characters intervene in the city of chennai which forms the stage for this movie.
It’s not easy to form a screenplay which has intervening or parallel stories, and also give importance to the main theme without deviations . Great teamwork in all depts , especially the directors team which presents us a flawless screenplay and a good movie. Casting is the strength of the movie , Sri though starts a bit unconvincing , finishes great. Sundeep kishan who comes as the arrogant young man in love is faithful for his character and perform well. Regina Cassandra though with very less screen time, gives a decent performance. The pick of the whole lot is the Ramdoss/ Muniskanth who delivers to his best and keeps the film entertained. Between failures of extravagant commercial productions involving mainstream actors, Maanagaram is stands tall with a solid storyline and execution. It gets 7/10


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