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Duvvada jagannadham (DJ) – Movie Review

Duvvada Jagannatham (Allu Arjun) as a young boy coming from a orthodox Brahmin family, is brought up in the ahimsa way. But Jagannatham wants to fight against injustice which happens around him. He joins hands with a cop (Murali Sharma) and becomes a vigilante called DJ and hunts bad elements in society. He comes across his worst opponent Royalla Naidu ( Rao Ramesh) a huge business who is also secretly behind a huge real estate scam which is draining people’s money. What happens when both of them meet is the rest of the story.
DJ doesn’t offer anything new in the story segment, but has enough mass scenes and dance moves to entertain the audience through the film. Allu Arjun does well in his tailor made character, and carries the film on his shoulder through out. Pooja hegde looks great and gives a decent performance. The whole gives a decent performance and stick to their role . Music and songs a plus and fulfils every Allu Arjun’s fans. The second half might look a tad slow but catches up and ends well. Though with a old story and a predictable screenplay, DJ still manages to entertain the audience. The movie gets 5/10




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Baahubali 2 – The Conclusion – Movie review

The most awaited conclusion of the Baahubali released this week , with around a whooping 8000 screens . Baahubali’s second installation continues with Kattappa narrating story of Amarendra Baahubali to his son Mahendra Baahubali. Awaiting his coronation, Amarendra is sent to tour the kingdom learn the current state of his people by Maharani Shivagami. Accompanied by Kattappa , Amarendra visits most of the kingdom and lands in the kingdom of Kuntala. He meets princess Devasena( Anushka) and falls in love. When Bhalladeva learns about this, he finds a way to manipulate this situation to his advantage and claims the throne. Even after claiming the throne he finds only Amarendra in the hearts of his mother and in the people of the kingdom. Soon he finds a way to kill Amarendra thru Kattappa and imprisons Devasena. How Mahendra Baahubali finds himself an army and fights Bhalladeva and becomes the King of Mahishmathi is the rest of the story.

While Baahubali the beginning had more action and was glorified in selling an idea, the conclusion has more content and story. All The characters were portrayed very well in the story and all the way entertaining while being predictable. This part was well dominated by Anushka and Ramya Krishnan who portray the two powerful women in the film. Rana too had a significant screen time and was powerful in his role.Satya raj too had a balanced screen time with Prabhas . Prabhas delivers casually and yet powerful throughout. Music and VFX were top notch once again mesmerising the audience all the way. At every stage the music lifts the spirit of the film and in the audience. Vfx team lead by R C Kamala kannan elevates the film on every frame and makes CGI seamless, the best we have seen in Indian cinema till date. Rajamouli and team have delivered an epic called Baahubali and made a mark in world cinema. I give it 7/10

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Srimanthudu – Movie review


Harsha (Mahesh Babu) is the son of millionaire Ravikanth (Jagapathi Babu), unlike his father he has a different philosophy of life and always believe that family comes first rather than money. He is often misunderstood by his family members and his father is worried that he may not take over the family business from him. Harsha meets Charu (Shruti Haasan) who is a rural development student and her objective to develop her village makes him join the post graduate course too. They both fall in love, but Charu distances from Harsha when he finds out that he is the son of millionaire Ravikanth . He then finds out from Charu that they can never be together as both their father’s ideologies vary. Her father is still lives in the village caring for the people who suffer for their basic needs, and how his father left the same village to become a millionaire and forgets his birth place. This transforms Harsha and he leaves for the village, how he transforms the village and what hurdles are put in his way forms the rest of the story.

The basic storyline which is giving back to the society and knowing your roots has been handled quiet well in the decent story and a neat screen play. Mahesh Babu’s screen presence is unique and he mesmerizes the audience in his character. Shurti Haasan looks good paired with Mahesh babu and she does a decent job in her role. Rest of cast does a decent job and have a well-balanced screen space in the film. Dialogues play a huge role and were well handled .BGM played an important part but the songs where not effective and was dull. The second half was slow and stretched, even though when the outcome was predictable. Action scenes were well choreographed and were well composed by cinematographer Madhie. A must see for all the Mahesh Babu fans , this film gets 5/10

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