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Singam 2 Movie review


Singam 2 releases with much expectations, with 2 lead heroines 2 comedians and a bonus of 3 villains . Singam 2 starts were it ended in Singam part 1 when Duraisingam (Surya) resigns from his duty but is secretively assigned to monitor the coastal area for illegal activities, where he finds out the illegal drugs being imported by the local heads and the international drug dealer Danny.

The Film races fiercely in the first half hour but drags with many unwanted scenes and songs. Santhanam’s leads in screen space than Vivek and gives a few laughs in film. Hansika’s character starts strong but fails in the end with no logic. Anuska‘s scenes were placed in wrong places in the film often followed by a song. Suriya roars in his role, but there is hardly any noticeable contribution from the rest of the cast. In fact his and Anushka’s and Hansika’s family members and characters hardly have any purpose  and just adds unwanted scenes in the film. DSP fails to deliver, none of the songs register and the background score lacks energy. The director desperately tries to make a better film than its prequel, but eventually fails in the process by just dragging it for 165 mins and without a proper finish.  I give the film 4/10.

P.S.  Singathe kaatala pathirukalam , but Singam dance intha padathula than paakka moodiyum


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