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Anbanavan Asaradhavan Adangadhavan (AAA) – movie review

Anbanavan Asaradhavan Adangadhavan (AAA), directed by Adhik Ravichandran got released this week without much publicity. Film starts in Dubai inside the police head quarters where the story of Madura Micheal unfolds through an interrogation. Madura Micheal ( STR) a loyal rowdy working for the local don Senthamarai. Though Micheal is always looking for trouble, he loves Selvi (Sherya Saran) who lives in the same village. When Selvi tries to pull Michael away from his criminal life consistently but fails. But when Micheal decides to run away with Selvi, he is double crossed and captured. What happens in Micheal’s life after that is the rest of the story.
The story follows a single person life in two different time periods. First half starts promisingly , but the second half his total rubbish and waste of your time and towards the end makes one wonder why this movie came onscreen itself. STR is quiet good as Madura Micheal though the character has nothing new to offer. Sherya Saran looks old and miserable in her character. Tamannaah both bubbly and glamorous is fine but not enough role in the of the cast just tag along and stink in the same rubbish dump. It gets 1/10



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Vaalu – movie review


Sharp ( Simbu) is a do- nothing guy, who takes everything in life easy. Spending his time always with his friends loafing around. When he comes across Priya ( Hansika) it’s love at first sight and follows her. Priya tells him that she has already agreed to marry her relative Anbu ( Aditya) a local business/ gangster. Sharp continues to be Priya friend, while scheming a plan to make Priya love him. How he manages to convince her is the rest of the film.

The only thing which makes this movie different from others is the take it easy nature of the film, even the acting is very casual by the whole cast. But without a convincing story and a weak screenplay this 2hr 30min movie is a never ending crap. Surprisingly for a Simbu starter the songs also are dull and non catchy except for the “u are my darling” song. Simbu manages the woo the audience with his punch lines and action but has nothing else to support the film. Santhanam counters just creates a smirk , it’s also the movie’s postponed release which makes most of the scenes outdated. This movie gets 3/10


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