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Nerkonda Paarvai – Movie Review

Meera Krishnan (Shraddha Srinath), Famitha Banu (Abirami) and Andrea (Andrea Triang) are three independent working women staying together. After a dance show Meera and her freinds meet up with an old friend accompanied with couple of his mates and hang around for dinner. After dinner they go a resort and start drinking, when the women find that they are in danger, they fight back leaving Adhik a son of a an influential person seriously injured and escape out of the place. But trouble continues as the boys want to teach the girls a lesson. As the harassment gets out of hand, Meera lodges a complaint on the boys, but with Adhik’s influence the case is turned against the girls and they are charged with attempt murder and extortion of money. With no one to support them inside and outside the court, in comes Barath (Ajith) an upright lawyer who takes up the case on behalf of the girls. But will Bharath who is suffering from depression and bi-polar disorder help the girls get justice? That makes the rest of the story.

From the date when the remake was announced, the one thing which was going thru mu mind was how Ajith and Shraddha are going the pull of the characters which was played effortlessly by Tapsee and Amitabh bachchan and how a sensitive issue would be remade to the Tamil culture. But Director H.Vinodh carefully handled this remake, making small changes to Ajith’s role which worked and also made the dialogues powerful and executed this as a worthwhile remake. Ajith owns the whole movie from the pre interval scene to the end of the movie. Shraddha Srinath too as performed well with a well-directed supporting cast. Vidhya balan’s role was overworked but still supported to a level. Rangaraj pandey’s too does a decent job.It would impossible to compare Amitabh’s performance to Ajith’s as both the characters were manipulated to their mode of acting and presence, and that’s what make this film unique and works even for a remake. I give it 7/10

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K-13 Movie review

The Story starts with a bang, as you see our Hero Madhiyalagan (Arulnithi) is tied to a chair unconscious and a mysterious lady dead beside him. From there Madhiyalagan recollects what happened the night earlier to where he’s now. How he gets out of this predicament is the rest of the story.

The plus point of this film is the way the director takes us into the story, which keeps us occupied in the first half. Arulnidhi once more give a subtle but a strong performance and does justice to his character. Shraddha Srinath too gives a decent performance. Sam CS as a music director plays a huge role in the movie as he creates the right mood for the film which immerses the audience in to the film. Though the movie shows running time of 102 mins it’s still slow  and drags in the second half. The audience are forcibly pulled in the last 15 mins into a twist which doesn’t work and makes the audience disappointed. With a possibility of becoming a good thriller K-13 fails miserably in the second of becomes a mediocre thriller. I give it only 3/10

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Jersey – movie review

Arjun ( Nani) is talented cricketer but with an attitude, this attitude is his advantage and disadvantage. His coach is the only person who understands him. Sarah (Shraddha Srinath)his lover loves him for his game and supports him whatever. When he is not selected for the national team Arjun stops playing cricket at the age of 26 and settles down on a government job. Things are happy for the couple as they are blessed with a boy. Then tragedy hits as Arjun is suspended from is job and Sarah begins to work and becomes sole bread winner of the family. The family struggles to make ends meet and Arjun feels distraught of his condition.When his 7-year-old son asks for an Indian cricket team’s jersey as his birthday gift, Circumstances make Arjun play again for a charity match to make some money, but his skill is seen and he gets noted by the organisers. His coach suggests he joins as a asst coach. But Arjun feels different and feels that he has a chance and makes a decision of a comeback into the team at a the age of 36. What happens next is the rest of the story .

Jersey is the brilliant sports drama by director Gowtham Tinnanuri. The movie is well balanced with emotions and sport sequences and is a clear winner. Nani does a brilliant job as a cricketer and as a loving father. Shraddha Srinath has also done a decent job. the cast has been well chosen and story as been executed well as the movie travels from the year 1986 to 2019. Screen play plays a important role and in this film has been to its strength . The music by Anirudh was well supportive to the film. The length of the movie though could have been less. I give the film 7/10


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Richie – Movie review

Richie starts with the stubborn journalist Megha (Shraddha Srinath) who wants to write about a murder which happened on the Christmas Eve in Thoothukudi. Though the law enforcement has closed the file , she thinks there is different story behind the whole incident which she wants to unfold. Thus the movie revolves around the characters in the movie who narrate the incident in their point of view to Megha .

The main movie takes a non commercial path but flows in a rather takes classical mode, which may takes time to sink for most of the audience. But the director takes the narrative thru different minds of the characters which has come out well. Nivin Pauly has done a good job and commands the screen through out. But the rest of the cast gives a very dull and an amateur performance , which is the main draw back of the film. Though the movie runs for 110 mins, the dragging second half makes it like 180 mins. Movie still gets 4/10

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Vikram Vedha – Movie review

Huge release of this week is from the husband & wife / director & writer duo Pushkar – Gayathri , who has come back after seven years with a strong screenplay and characters with the best actors in the industry. Story starts with Vikram (Madhavan) a honest but ruthless encounter specialist who is given a task of hunting a gangster Vedha ( Vijay Sethupathy). In this cat and mouse game both Vikram and Vedha take hits which affects them emotionally and physically. Each time as Vikram gets closer to Vedha, he is pushed to judge his character as a opportunist , gangster and as a brother . Vedha takes Vikram into maze of events which eventually leads Vikram to the truth.
Huge success of this film is how each and every technician and actor has given 100% and applause goes to the director – writer duo who has brought that to effect on screen. Both Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathy both were true to their character which elevates them to another level in their careers . Background score and music engages the audience to each scene and makes it a memorable one. There are a few scenes which might not be to same measure, and there is a lag in the first half which is bearly noticeable towards the end. Pushkar & Gayathri welcome back and you get 8/10 for this film.

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Kaatru Veliyidai – Movie review

Varun Aka VC ( Karthi) is an Indian air force pilot, a self-centered character who falls in love with Leela ( Adithi Rao) a doctor .  Leela knowing Varun’s Character is immensely attracted to him and eventually falls for him. Even as their love grows, there is always an indifference which breaks them time to time. Leela finally breaks up with when Varun he is called in for duty at war .When Varun falls behind enemy lines and captured, the only thing keeping him alive is his love. Does Varun get back to Leela or is it too late for them? Rest forms the story.

There is always a huge expectancy on all Mani Rathinam’s film and this time Kaatru veliyidai was over hyped.  But the movie fails as the content is not emotionally connected. Though it starts well, its forced with unnecessary scenes which blocks the flow . Karthi though has been made to look like an air force pilot, his face expressions in sensitive scenes makes the audiences groan. Adithi Rao gives a flawless performance. The film is partially saved only by the brilliance of Ravi Varman the cinematographer. His work has mesmerized the audience though the content was a letdown. A R Rahman shines in the songs, but is lost in the BGM. With only few good scenes to talk about Kaartu veliyidai disappoints fans. It gets 3/10

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