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Velaikaaran – Movie review

Velaikaaran finds its foundation at Kolakaaran Kuppam where Arivu (Siva Karthikeyan) is keen to start a radio channel in the Kuppam to bring empowerment to the people living there. This becomes a Herculean task since this Kuppam and its people are in control of Kasi(Prakash Raj) who uses the Kuppam people as scapegoat for his illegal practices. When his attempts backfire, he decides get a job and mind his own way. He lands up as a sales executive in biggest company in the food industry , Saffron Pvt Ltd. There he meets Aadi(Fahadh Faasil) who teaches him the tricks of the trade. Slowly Arivu heirs people from the Kuppam into his company which brings him some peace. But his whole world changes when he finds out how his company is selling adulterated food and its own workers who are also the part of the consumers have no clue about. How Arivu brings these people to justice and enlightens the common consumer is the rest of the story.
Though the movie takes time to sink in with the actual plot, it keeps the audience engaged and turns the heat up in the second half and ends strong.This movie marks as an important film in Siva Karthikeyan’s career and he has given a decent performance , though he still has to do better in emotional scenes. Fahadh Faasil plays a key role in the film and he shares equal screen space as Siva Karthikeyan and dominates some scenes totally. Nayanthara has very little in the film , but does it neatly. Much was Expected from Mohan Raja after Thani Oruvan and he has proved once again that he can give pure and complete cinema keeping the common man in mind. Production value was top notch and art design by Muthuraj was great. Cinematography by Ramji flawless and precise from shot to shot.Kudos to the whole team. With logical discrepancies and wavy screen play, but presented well as a complete film. Velaikaaran gets 6/10

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Karuppan -Movie review

Maayi (Pasupathy) is a local headman and respectable person in his community, he is proud of his bull which has never been tamed in the annual Jallikattu . On one such occasion,and In the heat of the moment he agrees to give his sister Anbu( Tanya Ravichandran) in marriage to Karuppan (Vijay Sethupathy) if he tames his bull. As expected Karuppan tames the bull. Though reluctant at first Anbu agrees to the marriage much to the disappointment of Kathir (Bobby Simha) Maayi’s brother in law who had his eye on Anbu since childhood. Disoriented Kathir starts to create problems in their married life , will their marriage survive from Kathir ‘s treacherous acts ?this forms the rest of the story.
With Jallikattu as backdrop and with a graceful performance by Vijay Sethupathy Karuppan is a certain hit in B and C centres. Vijay Sethupathy clearly dominates the screen and rest of the cast gives him good support. Tanya Ravichandran gives a good performance , could have concentrated more on her lip sync though. Bobby Simha and Pasupathy too give a commendable performance. Having such good performances the story has nothing new to offer and lands up very predictable without any twists. Karuppan gets 5/10

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Bongu – Movie review


Deva (Natarajan Subramaniam), Janani (Ruhi Singh) and Bhaskar (Arjunan) are three friends with high profile jobs in a luxury car manufacturer. During a delivery of a car they get attacked by a car hijackers and loose an expensive car bought by a politician. They get blamed and put into jail, worse they lose their jobs and get blacklisted. After their jail term, unable to get jobs they get hired by a local gang to steal cars for them. Upon one of their heist they come across Madurai based Don Pandian (Sharath Lohitashwa) who is crazy over foreign cars. Incidentally Pandian was the one who stole the luxury car from them and the reason behind their current status as thieves.  Deva and gang plan to swindle Pandian of all his wealth and his treasury of cars. How they achieve this is the rest of the story.

Bongu starts like Natty’s previous hit Sathuranga vettai, but fails miserably as it proceeds. Amateur in acting and all technical categories make this movie unwatchable. Bongu lives up to its name and scams the audiences. I give it 1/10

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Kashmora – movie review


In the beginning scenes of the film we see Kashmora (Karthi) is a black magic specialist , helps a family which is tormented by a spirit. He fights the spirit and saves the family. He issued as a saviour to the public and even Prayed as God my the people who come and visit him and his family in his Ashram. In reality he and his family are all frauds fooling people and running scams . Yamini (Sridivya) a college student who is fascinated by ghosts and after life tries to join Kashmora’s group. But she learns his true colours and waits for an opportunity to defame him. Meanwhile a politician reaches Kashmora to get rid of bad luck and to save him of imprisonment from an ongoing murder case. With luck and coincidence Kashmora saves the politician and becomes more popular. When all in favour of Kashmora he is approached by old man to help him wade of bad spirits from his house. Though reluctant at first Kashmora agrees to help him,little did he realises that fate has drawn Kashmora and his family to the spirits themselves . What happens next is the rest of the story.
What starts of like horror drama, coverts to a horror comedy and entertains the audience to the maximum. For Karthi comedy comes naturally and he performs with ease. Accompanied by Vivek and well sorted cast the first half just breezes through in a flash. Though Second half is slightly dragging with some serious storyline, it doesn’t loose its humour foundation and entertains the audiences. Karthi as the villainous Rajnayak in the second half is not completely convincing but carries through. Nayanthara is wasted in the second half, while Sridivya is barely visible in the film.CGI and VFX are decent, production design is good, but music and songs are big disaster and could have been better. But still Kashmora does entertains, so it gets 6/10


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Thirunal – Movie review

After a long wait Thirunal released on August 5th, the Jiva – Nayanthara starrer was initially expected to release early this March , but was postponed for reasons unknown. Blade( Jiva) is a loyal goon for Naga (Sharath Lohitashwas) who controls Thanjavur- Kumbakonam area with his illegal activities. When Blade falls in love with Vidya(Nayanthara) the daughter of Naga’s business partner , everything changes. Blade’s loyalty comes into play when he decides to leave the life of a rowdy and lead a normal life. How Blade’s decision changes his life and others is the rest of the story.

Jiva often picks up new role and delivers on his character , one is Thirunal. Even though story never offers anything new he does his job . Nayanthara shares a decent screen space and gives decent performance. The only problem is nothing new is offered in the story and screenplay drags forever a long tasteless noodle. Unwanted characters and in consistent story telling, makes audience drown in their  seats. I give it 3/10


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