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Kaapan – Movie review

The film starts with Kathir( Surya) planting bombs on a running oil tanker train, and cuts into a flash backs which starts 6 months back. We see Kathir as a farmer creating a green revolution using only natural resources for framing. But we also see him planning a strike in nearby military base filled with chemical weapons. Parallel to this we see an assassination threat against the Prime Minister Chandrakant Varma (Mohanlal) being contained by the secret service. We then come to know that Kathir is a secret agent working closely under the government. The Prime minister appoints Kathir as his personal body guard as the threats have been consistent. But Tragedy strikes when the Prime minister visits Kashmir and dies in a bomb blast. Worst even Kathir becomes one of the suspect. How Kathir eliminates the terrorists group behind this is the rest of the story.

Director KV Anand keeps us quiet engaged with lot of things in the first half, though this creates various paths in the story this also creates frustration as it leads to no where. Forced songs sequences irritates and music doesn’t merge with the film at all. Surya though has performed to his best to the character, but is finally left behind as the story and screenplay fails miserably in the second half. Though some key scenes bring out some interest to audience, the film collapses with too many things to follow and becomes a big mess in the climax. Sayyeshaa just manages through in the film, and one wonders why Arya was casted in the film at all. Kaapan is over cooked with lot of things and ends undigested .          I give it 4/10

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Vanamagan – Movie review

Story revolves around Jara( Jayam Ravi) a tribal whose community is threatened by the modern world and people who want to take over their land. When Jara manages to escape he has a accident and lands in hands of Kaavya ( Sayyesha) a rich and spoils heiress who comes to same island to celebrate the new year. Kaavya brings Jara to the modern world, to which his raw innocence and animal like behaviour makes Kavvya’s world upside down. As she manages to bring Jara under control , she also believes that she has get Jara back to his community. How she does that and how Jara get his people out of trouble is the rest of the story.
This is also one of Jeyam Ravi’s experiment in which most of the screen time is given to the female lead and he barely has any dialogue in the film. New comer Sayyeshaa gives a decent performance and shows that she can handle enough screen time. Jayam Ravi makes most of the character but I say it’s a waste for his talent and his caliber. Vfx and music end up crude and useless in the end without any creativity. Though initially comically and engaging, it becomes boring with a dull screenplay after the first hour. Predictable and unimaginative story gives Vanamagan just 3/10

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