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Dhilluku Dhuddu – Movie review

Dhilluku Dhuddu

Dhilluku Dhuddu marks the 4th feature of Santhanam as a hero, Directed by Rambala who is popular for his Lollu Sabha TV Series in Vijay TV. Movie starts with event which happened many years ago in a palace located Sivankonda Malai which is haunted by a lady and her seven years old son who were brutally killed by a Tibetan king. Since then the palace and the village nearby are tormented by the ghosts. Cut to Present day where Kajal (Shanaya) is in search of Kumar (Santhanam) her childhood friend .After some brief and usual story segments they she finds Kumar (Santhanam) and falls in love with him. Unhappy about their relationship Kajal’s Dad (Saurabh Shukla) decides to kill Santhanam with the help of ‘Mottai’ Rajendran. They lure Santhanam and his family to the haunted palace to kill them .How Kumar deals with murderous gang and the ghosts which haunt the palace is rest of the story.

Branded as a horror comedy, the horror part come just starts in the second half . First half is just filled with same old love story and usual one liners from Santhanam. Though comedy is clean it’s the same as any Santhanam’s comedy movie and doesn’t impress. Santhanam’s hero role doesn’t stand as its forced on the audience only his comedy traits are notable.  New comer Shanaya dosen’t deliver she could have been replaced by any Tamil speaking heroine who could have done better. Hindi actor Saurabh Shukla who plays the girl’s dad, has done a good job but to his caliber his role was wasted with very less screen time. ‘Mottai’ Rajendran is takes command in the second half and takes the audience in a fun roller coaster. Other cast members which include Karunas, Anandaraj  fail to impress. Dhilluku Dhuddu gets 5/10

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Vasuvum Saravananum Onna Padichavanga – Movie review


Vasu ( Santhanam) and Saravanan (Arya) are childhood friends and business partners. When Vasu gets married, his wife is tormented by saravanan’s practical jokes and interference in vasu’s life. So she gives Vasu 6 months time to end saravanan’s friendship or end their relationship. Vasu unable to end Saravanan’s friendship tries to convince him into marriage so that he may be deviated from thief friendship. How he finds a partner for his friend and manages to keep his marriage intact is the rest of the story.
Being Arya’s 25th film , I expected some sort of meaningful story under his own banner. But with just a thin storyline with just jokes stuck around it, this movie doesn’t appeal to the audience. Everyone in the cast joins the sarcastic joke act and and at a certain point it becomes unbearable. Santhanam’s jokes seems to have been dried up . Tamannah does more than just being a glamour doll, she gets into the act in this comedy genre and does a modest job. Saying that the movie just flies off , and does not drag anywhere. Imman’s music does brings up some life in the movie but doesn’t support enough. This movie gets 4/10



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Vaalu – movie review


Sharp ( Simbu) is a do- nothing guy, who takes everything in life easy. Spending his time always with his friends loafing around. When he comes across Priya ( Hansika) it’s love at first sight and follows her. Priya tells him that she has already agreed to marry her relative Anbu ( Aditya) a local business/ gangster. Sharp continues to be Priya friend, while scheming a plan to make Priya love him. How he manages to convince her is the rest of the film.

The only thing which makes this movie different from others is the take it easy nature of the film, even the acting is very casual by the whole cast. But without a convincing story and a weak screenplay this 2hr 30min movie is a never ending crap. Surprisingly for a Simbu starter the songs also are dull and non catchy except for the “u are my darling” song. Simbu manages the woo the audience with his punch lines and action but has nothing else to support the film. Santhanam counters just creates a smirk , it’s also the movie’s postponed release which makes most of the scenes outdated. This movie gets 3/10


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Nanbenda – movie review

Sathya (Udhay) believes his mother when she tells him that when he sees a girl three in the same day , she will takes him to various heights and when Sathya sees Ramya (Nayanthara) twice in one day , he asks his close friend Siva Kozhunthu (Santhanam) to accompany him in search of her so that he sees her for the third time. He finally sees her just minutes before stroke of midnight and decides that she is one for him. He proposes his love to her but she doesn’t respond but finally agrees but let’s him know that she has spent time in prison for a crime. But when Sathya learns why she was in prison , he laughs and leaves Ramya embarrassing. This breaks their love , how he gets back with her is the rest of the story.

Very similar to earlier of his movies Udhay tries to makes something of a one liner to a full movie. Santhanam seems to have run out of comedy as he sings children rhymes and laughs to himself.Nayanthara looks the most elderly character in the film.With no serious plot and nothing new to offer .this movie gets only 2/10


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Vallavanukku Pullum Aayudham – Movie review

VPA (3)

Santhanam makes his debut as a hero in this remake of the Telugu blockbuster “Maryada Ramanna “. The film starts with a family feud which ends in the death of his Shakti’s (Santhanam) father and the brother of Singraayar his Uncle. Fearing for her son’s life, Shakti’s mother flees the village.  However, Singarayar and his two sons, pledge to take revenge. After 27 years we see Shakti as a hardworking but unlucky lad who has fallen on bad times and is in need of money. He is surprised to know that his parents have some land back in his village which he good sell. But he is warned by his family friend not to go as the old family grudge may lead to his death. But Shakti neglects the warning and leaves to his village. He also meets Vaanathi (Ashna Zaveri) a graduate returning home in the train and they becomes friends not knowing that Vaanthi is Singaraayar’s daughter .When reaching his village he is directed to Singaraayar himself to sell his land, not knowing who Shakti is, Singaraayar invites him for lunch to his house. Very soon they come to know who Shakti really is plan to kill him once he steps outside the house,as they have policy of not even a drop of blood shall be shed inside the house .Shakti too comes to know of this, using his wits he takes advantage of a tradition of their house and plays a cat-and-mouse game . How he manages to escape forms the rest of the story.

Without seeing “Maryada Ramanna “this film ends up being a decent film and decent performance from Santhanam and Company. Santhanam only known for his one liners and humour sense as put a lot of effort in emotional scenes and improved his dancing skills. Ashna Zaveri as Vaanathi gives a very average performance and fails to glow in the opportunity given. The movie doesn’t stand out since the story is so outdated and ends up dragging for a known ending. Songs fails to standout and doesn’t stick to the film. No choice given to editor as they planned to make no changes from the parent version. I give it 3/10


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Endrendrum Punnagai – Movie review


Endrendrum Punnagai
When his mother leaves his father (Naseer) and him , young Gautam  is deeply affected and shapes him into a person who hates women and love. He is even mad with his father and stops talking to him.He however finds friendship and is inseparable with his friends Shri(Vinay) and Baby(Santhanam) . They grow up together and own a production studio and live life-like there is no tomorrow. One night after getting drunk they even decide and make a pledge to each other that they wouldn’t get married and live as bachelors forever.Soon things change and Shri and Baby decide to get married and their friendship breaks and Gautham is left alone with Priya (Trisha) an AD Co-ordinator who becomes close to him. Whether Gautham Falls in Love and gets back to his friends forms the rest of the story.
A Film finally without any violence and cheap vulgarness, which also made me sit through out without boredom was Endredrum punnagai. Ahmed the director gives us a feel good film close to perfection. Jeeva has taken a matured character and has done it very well too. Santhanam’s fans will be happy to know that he is back to full form and he just carries the first half of the film in his shoulders.Vinay also has done well in his comeback film. Trisha and Andrea play very subtle characters and do not overdo their roles.Mathi the cinematographer has done an extremely good job, his compositions and frames will be remembered. Only due to some blanks in the screenplay and lagging second half, the film gets lost. Harris has supported only in two songs and is unheard in the rest of the film. A good clean film by the team. i give the film 6/10


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All in All Azaghu Raja – Movie review

all in all

All in All Azhagu Raja is about Raja (Karthi) who owns a local cable channel, which has only two employees, he and his assistant Kalyanam (Santhanam) .Although his parents Prabhu and Saranya )want him to marry and settle down, his only motive is to bring his local channel as the NO:1 channel among all TV Channels. This sidetracks as he falls in love with ChitraDeviPriya (Kajal Agarwal) and the rest is the film.

This film has material meant only for the comedy channels; there is no screenplay and a story to follow. Rajesh the director simply has stuck to preparing comedy track in the film and has forgotten everything else. It’s just filled with the overdose of Santhanam’s comedy track .Karthi shown as junior Prabhu and Santhanam’s makeover efforts as the legendary Suruli rajan in the flashback sequence and as a female model Karina Chopra made me sick and uncomfortable. Kajal Agarwal has been given more screen time in the film, just to be disgraced publicly – her efforts to learn dance under the tutoring of M.S.Bhaskar makes me feel sorry for her .With more than a hand full of unwanted scenes the film could have been reduced to just 2hrs .I give the film 2/10


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