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Tubelight – Movie Review

In a small town called Jagatpur, Lakshman singh bisit (Salman Khan) a man child is the popular one often gets bullied and mocked from his child hood. Protected by his brother Barath ( Sohail Khan) , Lakshman survives childhood and they grow to be young men. When war starts between India and China in the border, many young men from the village along with Barath join the army. Barath leaves Lakshman behind with friends. When things get heated up in the border, Lakshman thinks only faith can bring his brother back. How faith keeps Lakshman’s and the villagers hope alive is the rest of the story.

Man child or man who behaves like a child is the only character Salman Khan was yet to play, and then came Tubelight. Though the first half manages to pass through, second half is dull and becomes predictable. Salman nearly manages to pull it off, Sohail Khan gives a decent performance and the Chinese artists Zhu Zhu is good and Matin rey tangu is both lovable and a gifted actor. In the second direction becomes weak and breaks apart towards the end. The extended ending was a terrible idea and doesn’t sell. I give it 3/10

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Sultan – Movie review


Sultan the life of a fictional Haryana based wrestler, who became Olympic and the world champion released this Ramzan weekend with much expectation from the fans and critics. The film opens in Delhi were the future of Pro take down league a mixed martial arts tournament. Aakash oberoi(AmitSadh) is man behind this league which is dying and is forced to close it by its Sponsors and investors. He finnaly convinces them for one last chance to retrieve it. He is then advised by his father to bring a Indian athlete into this franchise and give the local audience a champion to cheer. He asks him to bring Sultan Ali Khan (Salman Khan), who once was a famous wrestler who won the olypmic and the world championship for the country. Aakash goes to the hometown of Sultan, who now is a middle aged, pot-bellied clerk working for the state water dept. Askash tries to get Sultan with money, except Sultan refuses to get back into the ring. Aakash then comes to know about the story of Sultan, how he became a wrestler, his love, his reason for leaving the career behind. Will Sultan get back into ring to fight? Will he mend his broken life? That forms the rest of the story.

Salman Khan’s hardwork can be seen in every scene as a young wrestler and as a middle aged fighter who his determined to fight his demons to win back what he lost in his life. Anushka as Aarfa dazzles on screen has Sultan’s wife and also as the female wrestler. Even though the underdog moments in the second half is the usual drama with but Salman makes it look good. With very high concoction of action and melodrama we rarely have a dull moment in these 170 mins. Saying that you still could have reduced the unwanted song and few scenes which move lazy in the second half. Watch Sultan just for Salman Khan and you won’t be Sorry. I give sultan 6/10


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