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Kick 2 – movie review


The film starts in America with Kalyan (Ravi Teja) the protagonist from the first film introducing Robin hood his son (Ravi Teja) who is equally crazy as him . Robin asks his father money for building a hospital , when he refuses he leaves to India to regain his ancestral property which is now in hands of a mobster .Meanwhile in Vilaspur , a village in Bihar ,the villagers are tortured by Solomon singh Thakur ( Ravi Kishan) . Robin Hood with his quick wits and fearless character re-acquires his land. One of the villagers who sees Robinhood’s courage tells the village people that he will be the only one to rescue them. Thus The whole village formulates a plan to bring Robinhood to their village.

Kick 2 is as equal to its predecessor, Ravi Teja carries the whole film in his shoulders . His energetic performance and comic timing never lets down his fans and audience. His scenes with bramhanandham makes you laugh belly bursting. Rahul Preet singh who plays Ravi’s love interest does a decent job. The story is slow and predictable . The screenplay could have had less twists which leads to unwanted duration.The first half flies like 10 mins , but the second half is a let down. It drags and finally picks up in the climax. Kick 2 even though a big slow , never lets you down. I give it 5/10

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