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Petta – Movie review

After the trailer and audio launch mesmerised the world, Petta got a huge opening and was considered one of the biggest releases of the super star. With the acclaimed director Karthik Subburaj supported by the Sun network this film got the attention of the whole world this Pongal. Story starts when a normal college hostel warden post is recommended by ruling party member, raises eyebrows around the campus. In comes Kaali ( Rajinikanth) who immediately gets the attention of the college kids and brings things in order around the misdoings around the campus. Students too seeks his help and he always stands with them. When the local don’s unruly kid makes trouble with a young lovers in the college, Kaali intervenes and helps them out. But at the same time the another group is trying to kill a student, only then Kaali truly shows who he really is and the purpose of being there. Who is Kaali and what’s his real agenda is the rest of the story.
Only the super star can hold the screen presence like this, in Petta the Superstar not only dominates the screen but mesmerises the audience with his style and charisma. The way they had moulded him in his character, his stylisation, his makeup and the way they had shot the scenes makes this the best presentation of his films in the last decade. Music by Anirudh is outstanding and will be a sure hit with the visual presentation by the cinematographer Thiru supporting each song and each frame of the film. The cast though with minimum screen space have given a good performance. Other than the superstar Vijay Sethupathy stands out , Nawazuddin Siddiqui has been wasted in the film with no scope. The duration will be the weakling of the film, clocking 172 mins. The advantage and the disadvantage of this film is Karthik Subburaj , he has glorified the film with a celebration of the superstar from scene to scene and forgot about the duration and the formation of the story. The first half moves fast , engages the audience but without an aimless storyline. The second half has the storyline but the pace is slow but catches up only in the climax but ends well. I give the film 6/10

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2.0 Movie review

Finally we get see the much delayed director Shankar’s 2.0. With much expected from the film , I hope it runs well in the city. The film opens with a man hanging himself in a cell phone tower. The very next day a strange magnetic force attracts all the mobile phones from the users and all the phones vanish in thin air. Mobile phone towers are broken mysteriously and strange murders happens in the city of top people connected with communication authorities. The Government officials calls for an urgent meet with a group of scientists. After thorough research, Vaseegaran (Rajini kanth) suspects the existence of a fifth force and to handle it, he suggests to bring back the Chitti the robot, who is currently dismantled and under government authority. Though the idea is brushed off and military force is brought to handle the situation, the problem becomes huge and finally Chitti is brought back into action. How Vassegaran and Chitti fight this mighty force and bring back peace is the rest of the story.

Only Rajinikanth’s presence and quality VFX saves 2.0. Rajini’s sheer presence as chitti 2.0 in the second half makes the movie alive. The film takes its own time building the story and nurture the villain in the first half, but quality VFX and 3D visualization keeps the audience engaged. Akshay Kumar physically doesn’t have much to do in the film and as for me he is wasted in the film. Story is kept simple but screenplay doesn’t elevate it, that is the weakling in the film. Though BGM is good, lack of songs is a miss in Shankar’s film, having A R Rehman in his arsenal. Watch it only in 3D for its visual grandeur. I give it 5/10.

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Kaala – Movie review


From the first frame to the end Kaala show the importance of land, and how the power hungry are greedy and try to dominate by controlling it. Films starts at Dharavi in Mumbai where politicians try to seize land in the name of a pure drive. While the migrants from all around the state had settled there and built the place. Karikaalan alias Kaala (Rajini kanth) from Tirunelveli, who with his father has built Dharavi, fights for keeping the land safe from a mighty king maker and politician Hari Dada (Nana Patekar). For Kaala its his right to defend his land and for Hari Dada it prestige issue to acquire it.  Who wins this battle is the rest of the story.

Its purely PA Ranjith’s film though Rajini dominates the screen from word go. The director keeps it casual and balances the power in the role of Kaala. For me this is the best performance of Rajini in the last two decades. Rest of cast was at its best, mainly the female actors were at there best, especially Easwari rao was fabulous as kaala’s wife and play a very important role. For Nan Patekar this is just a walk in the park, though his presence is seen only the second half, he does best. The BGM and songs were als at its best by Santosh Narayanan. Visuals where also done well. Though story was very predictable screeplay and presentation made it a good package. Running time was the only flaw as the second half was slow and hurried towards the end. Kaala a pure PA Ranjith’s film. I give it 7/10

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Kabali – Movie review

The stage is set in Malaysia, where Kabali (Rajinikanth) a don is getting released from prison after 25 years. He was captured by the police midst a gang war with his rival Tony Lee (Winston Chao). Losing his pregnant wife in that incident he is also stamped with a strong case and locked up. Meanwhile Tony lee and his gang take control. Back on his turf Kabali gets back to business and tries to revive his people the Tamils in Malaysia whom he once represented and brought an identity to. He is also tormented by his ghosts of his past and tries to find out what happened to his wife . How Kabali finds his inner peace and also bring his people from the clutches of Tony lee is the rest of the movie.

Rajini is back , just to see him on screen itself is a festival to his fans worldwide. Though his action and his punch lines are limited, his screen presence dominates to the core. His portrayal of a husband and a father in the film was more captivating than his character as a don. But that angle was very limited in the story. Radhika Apte role was very less but just one scene in the second half shows her ability as an capable actress. Danishka was chosen right for her role and she does a decent job. Thus saying Ranjith’s strength with characters in support role was missing and you hardly connect to the supporting cast with the film. The first half just roams like a zombie after 15 mins and the pace picks up just at the end of the film. Though Rajini’s scenes keeps you alive , it just isn’t enough. Santhosh Narayanan’s bgm was ok but his songs just doesn’t stick. Though heavily hyped this film is just an average outing and gets only 5/10

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Kabali Tamil Movie – Official Teaser


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Lingaa – Movie review


The much awaited “Lingaa” released on Dec 12th which also is the 64th birthday of the super star Rajinikanth. The story has the superstar playing in dual roles and Sonakshi Sinha making her debut in Tamil movies.

The story starts in the present era  in the village Solaiyur, where Dam is being surveyed headed by the local MP played by Jagapathy babu.The same night the chief engineer is killed, but before his last breath tells the village headman to open the Shiva temple in order to save the dam and the village nearby. The village headman revels that the temple should be opened only by the heir of the Raja Lingeswaran who built the dam in the first place years ago. Lingaa (Rajinikanth) the heir Raja Lingeswaran is a petty thief with sidekicks Santhanam and karunakaran is brought to the village. Initially Lingaa’s motive is to steal the lingam from the temple which is made of a unique gemstone, but when he learns about his grandfather and his sacrifices toward the wellness of the village and the decides otherwise. How lingaa saves the dam and the village people forms the rest of the story.

There is no doubt that Superstar Rajinikanth steals the show and wins the hearts of his fans. Sonakshi is the best of the actresses her beauty and grace steals lot of hearts in the crowd. She could have also played a dual role and replace Anushka as well. Rathinavelu’s camerawork should be applauded , his picturization in the songs and the action sequences was a treat to watch. But on the weaker side the sound and music was very average by A.R.Rahman . The screen play is weak and the second half was very dragging.Editing could have been more crispier. And the over hyped climax sequence could have been avoided. I give it 5/10

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