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Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru – Movie Review

One night , one suicide , one missing person and one investigation which takes one cop Deepak (Rahman) literally loose his life before he puts all the pieces to get her together to finish this mystery. Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru is one movie which will be talked about this whole year.Young Director Karthik will be praised for his meticulous execution for this near perfect film. Karthick made all technical depts contribute to the max and combined them to make this a special one.
Rahman in the lead role was perfect and he stole the show all the way. All the other cast members too where chosen well and performed decently . At times you might be dominated by unwanted sounds , voice and even flashes of images , but karthik’s narration ties you down and makes you curious and surprises you in the end. Watch Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru for its unique execution . I give it 7/10


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Janatha Garage – Movie Review


Sathyam ( Mohanlal) and his brother Shiva(Rahman) open a garage in Hyderabad called the Janatha garage. When Sathyam stands up to the atrocities happening around him, people in locality come to him for all their help. Soon Sathyam becomes a leader among people. Being a honest protagonist also has its downsides as his brother and his wife are killed by one of his enemies, leaving their new born son alive. When his nephew’s well being his questioned by his relatives , he sends him faraway and disconnects him from his family. Anand (Jr NTR) the boy grows to a young man and becomes a environment researcher. He too has his own principles and stands against people who are against the environment and nature. How both Sathyam and Anand join hands and fight for people’s justice is the rest of the story.
With powerful performance from both Mohanlal and Jr. NTR , Janatha Garage brings joy to Jr.NTR fans. Though very mellow and soft in character in the beginning Jr.NTR gives a power packed performance in the second half. For the complete star Mohanlal this is just a walk in the park, just his presence mesmerises the audience. But the screenplay is very wayward and keeps winding in loops. Both Samantha and Nithya Menen are wasted with mediocre roles. Rest of the cast just do their part without any commitment. Even the villain’ s character doesn’t get depth in the story. DSP’s music too doesn’t help much and the editing is half cooked. Cinematography by Thirru is the only technical part which shows depth in the whole film. I give it 4/10


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Kutrame Thandanai


After an impressive Kakka Muttai , director Manikandan comes back with Kutrame Thandanai. The film follows Ravi (Vidharth) who works in a collection agency as a credit card due collector. Ravi suffers from a rare case of tunnel vision which makes his field of view very minimum. Living with a very low income he is suddenly in need of lakes to undergo the surgery. That’s when he becomes witness to a murder . Rather than being a moral citizen he begins to use this to his advantage. How far does he go is the rest of the story.
Kutrame Thandanai is well crafted thriller by Manikandan, the characters are well casted and brought to screen as close to real life. Vidarth is simply too committed to his role and performs well. The rest of the cast though balanced equally on screen time, support well in theirs roles and bring quality to the movie. The biggest drawback is the pace of the movie which makes the 99 mins of running time seems like 150 mins. First half drags like like a snail towards a strong intermission , but the second half keeps us engaged and finishes well. Background score by the maestro was well balanced for the story. I give it 6/10




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