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Brindhavanam – movie review

Kannan(Arulnidhi) is an orphan and speech and hearing impaired guy living in Ooty, he works as a barber and lives happily with friends and well wishers. His close friends are Varkki ( doubt kannan) and Sandhya (Tanya) who know him from childhood. Kannan is big fan of Actor Vivek and when he finds his favourite actor taking a break in Ooty , he is in cloud nine. Vivek too finds a unique bond with Kannan and they become very good friends . But things get complex when Sandhya proposes to Kannan , and Kannan just dismisses the whole idea without a reason and even breaks his friendship with Vivek as he agrees with Sandhya. Why does Kannan shy away from relationships? That forms the rest of the story.
Director Radha Mohan is clear from the word go to keep this the story simple and clean, with comedy on the shoulders till the end. Arulnidhi gives a decent performance in comedy but he still struggles in sensitive stuff .Tanya comes as a relief in this dull looking cast and performs well. The whole movie is carried by Vivek as he keeps the movie alive till the end. But too many repetitive scenes makes the audience yawn since we move to a predictable ending. Editor could have been strict screenplay could have been more crisp. I still give it 5/10 , since it’s way better than some of the summer releases.

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