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Aandavan Kattalai – Movie Review


Gandhi (Vijay Sethupathy) is a young man living in a village near Madurai. His misfortunes in business leave him with lot of debt. To get out his debts he decides to go to Abroad to find a job and make money. He leaves with his close friend Paandi ( Yogi Babu) to Chennai to get a passport and apply his visa. Both of them get linked to a travel agent through his friend who falsifies his documents as a married man to get a London visa. Gandhi’s misfortunes follow him when he fails to get the visa and is stuck with falsified passport as a married man. He gets into more trouble to when he tries to clear his marital status, how he gets out of this is the rest of the story.

Manikandan gives us yet another story of desperation , but on the lighter note. The film is not just hilarious but also gives a slap in the face on the corrupt system and how the lower middle suffers from it day to day. Vijay Sethupathy along with a great cast delivers a wonderful performance throughout. Yogi babu’s performance is a notable one and you tend to miss him in the second half. Ritika singh’s lip sync was a problem but her acting shields that. Screen play is well balanced with lot of scenarios which the audience could relate to. With a flawless first half and a slow but steady second half Aandavan Kattalai gets 6/10


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Miruthan – Movie review


The story is set in Ooty , when a barrel of toxic waste is spilled due to negligence ,it begins to infect the life around it. It makes the infected violent and drawn towards blood. Meanwhile as the outbreak reaches the heart of the city Karthik( Jeyam Ravi ) is searching for his lost little sister. With the help of Renuka ( Lakshmi Menon ) a doctor he finds his sister , to repay his debt he agrees to transport her and a group of doctors to the nearest city to find a cure for this outbreak. How he completes the task in the midst of the outbreak is the rest of the story.

Being the first zombie Tamil film, Miruthan keeps it simple and neat in the story line. There is no gore and violent blood sequences but has its share of thrills. Jayam Ravi doesn’t overdo is role and keeps its tight. Lakshmi menon does her part but nothing great. Kaali Venkat gives us a bit of comic relief which keeps the film going. We have to wait & see how this film is taken by the audiences as its the first zombie flick in Tamil film history, ( don’t forget Nalaya Manithan by Thakkali Srinivasan the first sci-fi horror Tamil film ) . This might be a little violent but not scary. I give it 3/10.


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