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Purampokku engira podhuvudamai – movie review

The story follows Balusamy (arya)who is a part of a communist organisation which fight for the people, but is branded as a terrorist by law. He is given the capital punishment when he is caught in an attempt to blow a military circuit.he is sent to a secured prison under the strict Jailer (Macaulay) Shaam,where he will spend his last few days before he is executed.Meanwhile his compatriots from his organisation plan his escape plan with the help of the jail hangman Yemalingam (Vijay Sethupathy). Whether Balu escapes from the prison or faces his execution forms the rest of the story.

Director Jannanathan is known to spreads communist ideas through his films and he does it also in this film. Arya’s character has so much of depth , but he fails to execute in his acting and dialogue delivery . Vijay Sethupathy brings in some comic relief and gives a decent performance. Shaam also gives a good performance as a Jail superintendent. Karthika Nair fairs in her character but has to work on her expressions other than just twitching her eyebrows. On the technical side art director Selva deserve an applause has his set design of the jail compound looks realistic in all corners as most of story revolves in it. Editing is a disaster as the audience groan in the second half. Dialogues at some places seems good but fails in delivery.Songs has no significance nor connection in the story and could have been avoided. The movie lacks a good screenplay and ends up as just few decent scenes without a string to connect them together. I give it 3/10.


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