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Pugazh – Movie review


Pugazh Jai,Surabhi,Karunas,RJ Balaji,Rajani,velraj,marimuthu

Pugazh (Jai) is a Good Samaritan living in Wallajahpet , he always cares for his neighbours and helps the needy. Trouble starts when the public ground in his neighbourhood is targeted by the local politician Das ( Marimuthu). He wants to sell the land which is rich in ground water to the minister’s son in law . This creates a feud between the Das and Pugazh. Das plays filthy and turns his friend against him and distracts Pugazh while planing to acquire the land . How Pugazh fights the politician and saves the land is the rest of the story.

Taking up a land grabbing issue and spinning a decent story line to support is difficult but Director Manimaran and team has managed to pull it off. Jai does a decent job but lacked screen presence and doesn’t take control of the scene. Marimuthu plays the filthy politician but the film needed a hard core villain to make it aggressive . But this film plays very safe and sober, it finally drags the story to a familiar ending. Surabhi plays Jai’s love interest and a does a good job. The rest of the cast was well picked but nothing extraordinary . A decent script which could have little more masala and a reduced duration could have been better. I give it 3/10


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