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Mo – Movie review


Dev (Suresh Ravi), Satish( Ramesh Thilak) and Kumar( Darbuka Siva) are small time con men . When all their traits become repetitive and less rewarding, they plan to go the next level. They try to use the fear of ghosts in people’s mind and scare the tenants of a multi apartment building by hiring a experienced makeup artist Joseph Chellappa ( Muniskanth) and junior artist Priya ( Aishwarya Rajesh) to act as the ghost . The plan becomes a success but they are caught red handed soon after wards by the apartment secretary Vetrivel ( Selva) only to be hired for his own plan to acquire a property using their skill set. What the team doesn’t know that the place is already haunted, how they survive is the rest of the story.
Considering a whole lot of flops and mishits last year, Mo stands out tall ,with a simple story with comedy and horror in equal balance. The standout was the trio Ramesh Tilak , Muniskanth and Darbuka Siva who create a laughing riot . Though Yogi Babu comes briefly takes charge in his scenes. Suresh Ravi and Aishwarya Rajesh have very less engaging parts , but the whole cast perform well. Though the ending might not appeal to many the film clearly stands out for its comedy. I give it 5/10

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Aandavan Kattalai – Movie Review


Gandhi (Vijay Sethupathy) is a young man living in a village near Madurai. His misfortunes in business leave him with lot of debt. To get out his debts he decides to go to Abroad to find a job and make money. He leaves with his close friend Paandi ( Yogi Babu) to Chennai to get a passport and apply his visa. Both of them get linked to a travel agent through his friend who falsifies his documents as a married man to get a London visa. Gandhi’s misfortunes follow him when he fails to get the visa and is stuck with falsified passport as a married man. He gets into more trouble to when he tries to clear his marital status, how he gets out of this is the rest of the story.

Manikandan gives us yet another story of desperation , but on the lighter note. The film is not just hilarious but also gives a slap in the face on the corrupt system and how the lower middle suffers from it day to day. Vijay Sethupathy along with a great cast delivers a wonderful performance throughout. Yogi babu’s performance is a notable one and you tend to miss him in the second half. Ritika singh’s lip sync was a problem but her acting shields that. Screen play is well balanced with lot of scenarios which the audience could relate to. With a flawless first half and a slow but steady second half Aandavan Kattalai gets 6/10


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Kutrame Thandanai


After an impressive Kakka Muttai , director Manikandan comes back with Kutrame Thandanai. The film follows Ravi (Vidharth) who works in a collection agency as a credit card due collector. Ravi suffers from a rare case of tunnel vision which makes his field of view very minimum. Living with a very low income he is suddenly in need of lakes to undergo the surgery. That’s when he becomes witness to a murder . Rather than being a moral citizen he begins to use this to his advantage. How far does he go is the rest of the story.
Kutrame Thandanai is well crafted thriller by Manikandan, the characters are well casted and brought to screen as close to real life. Vidarth is simply too committed to his role and performs well. The rest of the cast though balanced equally on screen time, support well in theirs roles and bring quality to the movie. The biggest drawback is the pace of the movie which makes the 99 mins of running time seems like 150 mins. First half drags like like a snail towards a strong intermission , but the second half keeps us engaged and finishes well. Background score by the maestro was well balanced for the story. I give it 6/10




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