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Richie – Movie review

Richie starts with the stubborn journalist Megha (Shraddha Srinath) who wants to write about a murder which happened on the Christmas Eve in Thoothukudi. Though the law enforcement has closed the file , she thinks there is different story behind the whole incident which she wants to unfold. Thus the movie revolves around the characters in the movie who narrate the incident in their point of view to Megha .

The main movie takes a non commercial path but flows in a rather takes classical mode, which may takes time to sink for most of the audience. But the director takes the narrative thru different minds of the characters which has come out well. Nivin Pauly has done a good job and commands the screen through out. But the rest of the cast gives a very dull and an amateur performance , which is the main draw back of the film. Though the movie runs for 110 mins, the dragging second half makes it like 180 mins. Movie still gets 4/10

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Premam – Movie review


Premam is about the life of George David ( Nivin Pauly) and his love life which starts from his adolescence years and never stops. He is accompanied by his friends Koya and Shambhu all the way to the end ,played so naturally by Krishnakumar & Shabareesh . The ladies who come as his love interest to give their best performances, especially Sai Pallavi who plays Malar. The film though predictable at times, it does stop entertaining you till the end. The cast delivers as a whole team, and there are no unwanted character or flaws in their acting, though most of them look like first timers. Songs are big plus and cinematography by Anand C Chandran makes every scene to be loved. Alphonso Putheran made a mark on his first film , but certainly impresses everyone in this. The only problem is that the film is slow and gets slower till the end . If the duration would been less it would have been lot better. I give in 5/10

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