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Magalir Mattum – Movie review

Starts of in the year 1978, where three close friends Gomathi, Rani and Subbhu Lakshmi who study in a missionary boarding school who are dismissed and separated for their unruly behaviour. Now in 2016 Gomathi ( Oorvasi) a widow who just sends her son abroad on work is left alone in her house. She brings in her liberal,feminist and soon to become daughter in law Prabhavathi (Jyothika) to live with her. Prabhavathi who is broadminded shows Gomathi that’s it’s time for start a new life for herselfand starts to explore Gomathi’s past. When Prabhavathi hears about Gomathi ‘s close friends Rani and Subbhu, she finds them and takes them on a road trip to free them briefly from their confined world. How the trip changes the lives of the close friends is the rest of the story

Bramma who created a matured Kuttram Kadithal, comes back with film on women empowerment with a mix of experienced and debut actresses who give performances fit to the characters. Oorvasi who dominates and clearly the best of the actresses in the film bring down the roof in the theatres. Banupriya and Saranya to perform decently. Jyothika’s character maybe too far-fetched for a real life character but she performs faithfully to the role. Young actress who played main characters younger self gave a good performance. Nasar and Livingston do their role perfectly in their brief sequences. But dragging second half with lots of flashback scenes with melodrama makes it a bit stretched and becomes an over dose. Music is just subtle and doesn’t make a big impact.  Magalir Mattum is still watchable and gets 5/10


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Baahubali 2 – The Conclusion – Movie review

The most awaited conclusion of the Baahubali released this week , with around a whooping 8000 screens . Baahubali’s second installation continues with Kattappa narrating story of Amarendra Baahubali to his son Mahendra Baahubali. Awaiting his coronation, Amarendra is sent to tour the kingdom learn the current state of his people by Maharani Shivagami. Accompanied by Kattappa , Amarendra visits most of the kingdom and lands in the kingdom of Kuntala. He meets princess Devasena( Anushka) and falls in love. When Bhalladeva learns about this, he finds a way to manipulate this situation to his advantage and claims the throne. Even after claiming the throne he finds only Amarendra in the hearts of his mother and in the people of the kingdom. Soon he finds a way to kill Amarendra thru Kattappa and imprisons Devasena. How Mahendra Baahubali finds himself an army and fights Bhalladeva and becomes the King of Mahishmathi is the rest of the story.

While Baahubali the beginning had more action and was glorified in selling an idea, the conclusion has more content and story. All The characters were portrayed very well in the story and all the way entertaining while being predictable. This part was well dominated by Anushka and Ramya Krishnan who portray the two powerful women in the film. Rana too had a significant screen time and was powerful in his role.Satya raj too had a balanced screen time with Prabhas . Prabhas delivers casually and yet powerful throughout. Music and VFX were top notch once again mesmerising the audience all the way. At every stage the music lifts the spirit of the film and in the audience. Vfx team lead by R C Kamala kannan elevates the film on every frame and makes CGI seamless, the best we have seen in Indian cinema till date. Rajamouli and team have delivered an epic called Baahubali and made a mark in world cinema. I give it 7/10

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Bogan – Movie review


Adithya (Arvind Swamy) is a con man who swindles money from whoever he wants. Though coming from a Royal family, he became a pauper after his father lost all riches and the Government took over their kingdom after the countries’ independence. Once he stumbles upon a mystical scripture of a Sage “Bogar” with which one can swap body with another. Adithya uses this and makes huge heists and becomes filthy rich. But Vikram (Jayam Ravi), an assistant commissioner, is on to him after Aditya uses his trick on his father (Aadukalam Naren) who is a Bank manager. Vikram manages to capture Adithya but while interrogating him Adithya switches body with Vikram and escapes leaving Vikram behind in his body as the culprit in Jail. What happens next and what havoc does Adithya creates is rest of the story.

The film belongs to Arvind swamy as he charms his way onscreen in the role of the charismatic villain. Jayam ravi’s role though very much underplayed, the combination works and shines in the movie. Hansika role steal too much screen time in which delays the story in the beginning, but performs moderately. Lag in the second half delays the story and the climax is pushed hurriedly. Songs provide little entertainment to the story, but doesn’t support much. First half gets into a good form, but second half is half cooked and tastes bad. Bogan is still worth a watch for the leading Duo. I give it 5/10

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Aandavan Kattalai – Movie Review


Gandhi (Vijay Sethupathy) is a young man living in a village near Madurai. His misfortunes in business leave him with lot of debt. To get out his debts he decides to go to Abroad to find a job and make money. He leaves with his close friend Paandi ( Yogi Babu) to Chennai to get a passport and apply his visa. Both of them get linked to a travel agent through his friend who falsifies his documents as a married man to get a London visa. Gandhi’s misfortunes follow him when he fails to get the visa and is stuck with falsified passport as a married man. He gets into more trouble to when he tries to clear his marital status, how he gets out of this is the rest of the story.

Manikandan gives us yet another story of desperation , but on the lighter note. The film is not just hilarious but also gives a slap in the face on the corrupt system and how the lower middle suffers from it day to day. Vijay Sethupathy along with a great cast delivers a wonderful performance throughout. Yogi babu’s performance is a notable one and you tend to miss him in the second half. Ritika singh’s lip sync was a problem but her acting shields that. Screen play is well balanced with lot of scenarios which the audience could relate to. With a flawless first half and a slow but steady second half Aandavan Kattalai gets 6/10


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Iru Mugan – Movie Review

The movie starts in Malaysia inside the Indian embassy , where terrorist attack involving a super human drug is initiated. The incident connects a mad scientist and terrorist known as Love, who is assumed dead four years ago. To investigate this attack RAW agent Akhil Vinod (Vikram) is brought back into the force. Incidentally he was the agent who carried out the mission against Love earlier , but went rouge after his wife Meera (Nayanthara) was killed during the mission. How agent Akhil Vinod finds the terrorists behind this and stops them is the rest of the story.
Iru mugan sets pace for a good action movie in the first half , Vikram does a good job of playing both the hero and the villain , and tries very hard to differentiate both characters , and balances them neatly. Nayanthara looks glamorous and does her part well. Nithya Menon doesn’t get enough screen time to get highlighted, but does a decent job. Thambi Ramaiya is wasted in his character and doesn’t shine. Other cast members are just by standers and are chosen in random .It’s the slow and sluggish second half which kills the movie, the story doesn’t carry weight and moves wayward. The whole movie looks claustrophobic and compactly framed , but for the songs which were shot outdoor. Songs and BGM are good and executed well. With only Vikram’s performance ,Iru mugan gets only 5/10

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Thani Oruvan – movie review


Mithran ( Jayam Ravi) is idealist cop in search for a worthy adversary. While in training , he and his friends in the camp play vigilante at nights and solve crimes . But Mithran is behind the big fish , who always manage to manipulate and stay far away from the reach of justice. He rounds up them to three main  kingpins who are behind all these lawlessness. Once he takes charge , he chooses his team and begins to collect proof against them. While following these three, he Finally learns that they are controlled by a singular mind  -Siddarth Abimanyu ( Arvindswamy) a scientist and a millionaire who is always a step ahead.How Mithran brings this criminal mastermind to justice is the rest of the story.

Thani Oruvan  is not your usual cop movie, this intense thriller is different and always keeps you at your edge of the seat. This movie brings out M.Raja out of his remake stamp. He with the support of a strong screenplay from the magic Duo Suba the screen writers packs a punch. Jayam Ravi plays his role too perfection and executes his character well. If it’s Jayam Ravi in the first half its Arvindswamy in the second half. He plays his character very casually with a calm wickedness. Nayanthara play her part well , her role and scenes bring a brief relief to the dense subject. For once the songs where not a hinderance to the story even though they weren’t memorable. Cinematography by Ramji was notable and composed very well , his mono chromatic colours brings variety to his compositions. The only drawback is the length of the movie, it nearly 2hrs 45mins. I give the movie 6/10


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