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Junga – movie review

Story starts when a police inspector is instructed to encounter a Don called Junga( Vijay Sethupathy) who is in custody . As the Inspector takes Junga to a undisclosed location, on the way the Don narrates his story how he became a Don and how he got arrested. In the flashback Junga who is a calm Bus conductor, gets violent when his girlfriend (Madonna Sebastian) is harassed. Only then he comes to know thru his mother (Saranya Ponvannan) that she has kept protected all these years from the bad influence of his Ancestors who were gangsters. Though his father and grandfather were Dons they squandered money all over the place for cheap publicity and glamour. They even lost their wealth whihc included a movie hall named Cinema Paradise. Now Junga who is brought up by his mother as a stingy and conserving person, becomes a miserly don, offering discounts for taking up jobs and tries to buy back the theatre. How he does this and what problems he faces is the rest of the story.

The only thing which tries to keep you till the end of the film is you hope that Vijay Sethupathy and Yogi Babu will at least have a good scene. But the audience groan and leave the theater anguishing why they bought tickets . The first half tries to make you laugh but the whole second half is wasted by elaborate and mindless scenes shot across Europe. Please save your money, you can definitely skip this film . I give 1/10


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Power Pandi – Movie review

Pandi Palanisamy alias Power Pandi ( Rajkiran) is a former stunt master , who is now spending is retirement years peacefully in his son’s house . His life is just around his grandchildren and keeping himself healthy. Though he is physically and mentally strong his good deeds often brings him trouble , thus making his son Raghavan (Prassana ) angry, who wants him to act to his age and spend his last years in silence and peace. On one such occasion which ends in an outburst between father and son, Pandi decides to live his life again on his terms and leaves his son’s house . What happens next his the rest of the story.

Marking the debut of Dhanush as a director, Power Pandi packs a powerful punch with emotions and sentiments. Rajkiran the soul of the film , stands tall in his performance and claims the screen from the word go. The whole cast was carefully chosen and given specific amount of screen time and importance in this perfect feel good film. Though Dhanush comes in the later half of the story, doesn’t dominate but plays with the character. The ladies in the film Chaya singh, Madonna Sebastian give a decent performance , but Revathy just casually comes and sweeps us away . Overall Power Pandi is a total film of the whole family. I give it 7/10

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Kavan – Movie review

KV Anand and team chooses the media which is TRP driven and who would do anything to come first in the ratings. Tilak( Vijaysethupathy) who is honest journalist waiting for his chance in making big in the television industry. He gets a job in Zen1 news and entertainment channel which wants to be the number one channel. He also meets his ex girlfriend Malar( Maddona Sebastian) who runs the programming team. Initially the channel seems fine but then he comes to see the other side of the channel which manipulates news and shows just to create a sensation and tweak up their ratings. But when the channel head Kalyan ( Akashdeep Saigal) teams up with a corrupt politician and manipulates news on his talk show, Tilak breaks loose and quits his job. He and his friends join a lesser known channel run by Mayilvaganam(TR). How Tilak with the help of his new channel brings down the corrupt politician & zen1 channel is the rest of the story.

Though this content is not new KV Anand and team makes it glorified drama , maybe a bit too much. Halfway through the content just fades away and only the masala bubbles on the top. Vijay Sethupathy keeps you alive but the screenplay is very vague trying to run simultaneous plots. TR was a nice addition, but just adds to the comic side of the film. Madonna Sebastian has one lousy duet song and then becomes a junior artist who stands in the first row throughout the film. Maybe the film could have some new faces in the cast , seriously tired of looking at the same cast in all of the KV Anand’s film. Kavan just gets 4/10

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Kadhalum Kadanthu Pogum – Movie Review


Film starts as Yazhini (Madonna Sebastian) a University Graduate who leaves her hometown with determination and dreams of making it big in the city. Reluctant at first her parents finally agree with her and send her to work. Things don’t work right for Yazhini as her company is shut down in a few months and she is out of job. Unable to make ends meet she is forced to move to one room apartment while searching for a new Job. That’s when she meets her neighbor Kathir(Vijay Sethupathy) , a good for nothing small time gangster . Kathir has just returned after serving 5 years in Jail for his boss who owns a chain of liquor bars .and he hopes his boss would reward him for his term in jail .Frustrated with his life he often gets into trouble and ends beaten up always. Initially both of Yazhini and Kathir don’t get along well, but soon they both form an unusual friendship after he helps her out a few times. How these two get along with each other and whether their lives changes is the rest of the story.

Kadhalum Kadanthu Pogum is a remake of Korean romantic drama, “My Dear Desperado.” Though a remake, Director Nalan Kumaraswamy’s execution is flawless and Vijay Sethupathy has performed well to the character. In fact I couldn’t replace any actor to this role. His casual dialogue delivery and slothful presence was natural. Madonna too was near perfect to the role, just her dubbing could have been better. Casting was perfect throughout and well balanced, not a single character was wasted. The only flaw of the film was the slow narrative which was visible throughout. Santhosh Narayanan’s songs were OK and BGM was experimental, but well supportive to the narration.Though the ending could have been better .This team deserve a round of applause for their efforts. I give it 6/10


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Premam – Movie review


Premam is about the life of George David ( Nivin Pauly) and his love life which starts from his adolescence years and never stops. He is accompanied by his friends Koya and Shambhu all the way to the end ,played so naturally by Krishnakumar & Shabareesh . The ladies who come as his love interest to give their best performances, especially Sai Pallavi who plays Malar. The film though predictable at times, it does stop entertaining you till the end. The cast delivers as a whole team, and there are no unwanted character or flaws in their acting, though most of them look like first timers. Songs are big plus and cinematography by Anand C Chandran makes every scene to be loved. Alphonso Putheran made a mark on his first film , but certainly impresses everyone in this. The only problem is that the film is slow and gets slower till the end . If the duration would been less it would have been lot better. I give in 5/10

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