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Koditta idangalai nirappuga – Movie Review


Rangarajan ( R Parthiban) a call taxi driver , who drives high caliber clients for his taxi service. Though handicapped Rangarajan is known for his quick witted & calculative nature, and always looks for make fast money. So when a high profile NRI client Kevin ( Shantanu Bhagyaraj)hires there taxi service for two weeks, he persuades him to stay in a guest house which he and his young wife Mohini (Parvathy Nair ) are caretakers . Kevin also agrees as to this as he thinks he can help Rangarajan in a way. Once Kevin settles down, he is drawn towards Mohini’s beauty and charm , but stays on guard as he respects Rangarajan. What happens during the rest of his stay is the story.

Koditta idangalai nirappuga meaning fill in the blank spaces, starts well to build characters , but fails miserably in execution with a wayward screenplay . While Parthiban casually delivers in his scenes , Shantanu is lost in his character and doesn’t have a chance to even perform. Parvathy lacks performance , only chosen for her decent looks. Thambha Ramayaa is wasted and like his absent minded character in the film , the director has forgot to write a script for him. Koditta idangalai nirappuga has lot of blank space to be filled. I give it 2/10


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