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Vikram Vedha – Movie review

Huge release of this week is from the husband & wife / director & writer duo Pushkar – Gayathri , who has come back after seven years with a strong screenplay and characters with the best actors in the industry. Story starts with Vikram (Madhavan) a honest but ruthless encounter specialist who is given a task of hunting a gangster Vedha ( Vijay Sethupathy). In this cat and mouse game both Vikram and Vedha take hits which affects them emotionally and physically. Each time as Vikram gets closer to Vedha, he is pushed to judge his character as a opportunist , gangster and as a brother . Vedha takes Vikram into maze of events which eventually leads Vikram to the truth.
Huge success of this film is how each and every technician and actor has given 100% and applause goes to the director – writer duo who has brought that to effect on screen. Both Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathy both were true to their character which elevates them to another level in their careers . Background score and music engages the audience to each scene and makes it a memorable one. There are a few scenes which might not be to same measure, and there is a lag in the first half which is bearly noticeable towards the end. Pushkar & Gayathri welcome back and you get 8/10 for this film.

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Kirumi – Movie review


Kathir (Kathir) is a careless but a energetic youngster. He is unemployed and lives in his sister & wife’s earnings. Looking to make fast money he often gets into trouble in local bars and card games.
Prabhakaran (Charlie) his neighbor gets him a job as a informer in the local police station. Kathir is influenced by his new status and company ,he takes is job too seriously and soon becomes a close aid to the
inspector Soundarapandian (David). Kathir slowly gets drawn towards the unknown crime world and enmity among police officers. He gets tangled into huge mess when he informs about an illegal gambling racket and during the raid a huge amount money goes missing. This starts off a series of events which makes Kathir’s life miserable.Whether he survives this, forms the rest of the story.

A common man’s story with a realistic ending forms the core of the film Kirumi. Written by Manikandan and Anu Charan this story takes us into an unexplored crime world. Kathir who gave a good performance in
his earlier film has chosen a good film and worked hard for it. Reshmi Menon though left with very less screen space has acted well for her character. The best performance  came from the veteran actor Charlie,
why don’t they cast him in more films? Yogi Babu’s  inclusion gave a good comedy relief. Cinematography by Arul Vincent portrays the story naturally to the audience which is big plus to the film. K’s BGM added flavour the the film. Predictability and a slow second half makes the film dull. The climax may not be accepted by many but remains realistic, but leaves many questions unanswered. Thus gets 4/10



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Kirumi Official Theatrical Trailer

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