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Kodi – Movie review


Kodi and Anbu ( Dhanush) are twins of Karunass a party worker, who sacrifices his life for the his political party. Kodi also follows his father’s footsteps and slowly becomes the leader of the youth wing. Though Kodi is actively involved in politics his twin Anbu follows his mothers steps and becomes a professor and exact opposite to Kodi. Like Kodi his girlfriend Rudra ( Trisha) is also into politics from childhood , but in the rival and ruling party. When a public crisis raises questions on Kodi’s party , Rudra tries to make use of it to raise herself in the party . This breaks the Kodi and Rudra relationship , and also tests Kodi’s loyalty to his party. What becomes of Kodi is the rest of the story.
Kodi is well scripted political thriller, which has commercial elements to satisfy Dhanush’s fans . Being the first film in which Dhanush has acted in dual role, there is lot of expectation and Dhanush doesn’t fail to use this opportunity to his strength. Dhanush performs well in both characters and carries the film on his shoulders till the end. If it’s Dhanush in the first half,Trisha dazzles in the second half, she escalates her acting skills to carry the character of a politician and balances Dhanush’s performance equally. Premam fame Anupama Parameshwaran makes a brief but decent performance. To many cast members is also a problem in this political thriller as you lose concentration briefly. The story though manages to keep you active with twists and turns , it looses its way in the second half and finishes rather dull. Kodi flutters but doesn’t fly high. I give it 5/10

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Wagah – Movie Review

Wagah begins in a secret Pakistani prison were Indian soldiers are tortured and killed. One of the prisoner is Vasu( Vikram Prabhu) a BSF soldier who is targeted by the general who wants to kill him. What is Vasu’s story ? how did he end up here and how does get out this, is the rest of the story.
Wagah struggles from the beginning to end in all departments.It has nothing new to offer. Though Vikram Prabhu has managed to improve in his acting skills, the predicable storyline doesn’t help him. New face Ranya Rao though pretty, fails in acting. Wagah with its old story line doesn’t impress and can be avoided. I give it 3/10


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Thirunal – Movie review

After a long wait Thirunal released on August 5th, the Jiva – Nayanthara starrer was initially expected to release early this March , but was postponed for reasons unknown. Blade( Jiva) is a loyal goon for Naga (Sharath Lohitashwas) who controls Thanjavur- Kumbakonam area with his illegal activities. When Blade falls in love with Vidya(Nayanthara) the daughter of Naga’s business partner , everything changes. Blade’s loyalty comes into play when he decides to leave the life of a rowdy and lead a normal life. How Blade’s decision changes his life and others is the rest of the story.

Jiva often picks up new role and delivers on his character , one is Thirunal. Even though story never offers anything new he does his job . Nayanthara shares a decent screen space and gives decent performance. The only problem is nothing new is offered in the story and screenplay drags forever a long tasteless noodle. Unwanted characters and in consistent story telling, makes audience drown in their  seats. I give it 3/10


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Dhilluku Dhuddu – Movie review

Dhilluku Dhuddu

Dhilluku Dhuddu marks the 4th feature of Santhanam as a hero, Directed by Rambala who is popular for his Lollu Sabha TV Series in Vijay TV. Movie starts with event which happened many years ago in a palace located Sivankonda Malai which is haunted by a lady and her seven years old son who were brutally killed by a Tibetan king. Since then the palace and the village nearby are tormented by the ghosts. Cut to Present day where Kajal (Shanaya) is in search of Kumar (Santhanam) her childhood friend .After some brief and usual story segments they she finds Kumar (Santhanam) and falls in love with him. Unhappy about their relationship Kajal’s Dad (Saurabh Shukla) decides to kill Santhanam with the help of ‘Mottai’ Rajendran. They lure Santhanam and his family to the haunted palace to kill them .How Kumar deals with murderous gang and the ghosts which haunt the palace is rest of the story.

Branded as a horror comedy, the horror part come just starts in the second half . First half is just filled with same old love story and usual one liners from Santhanam. Though comedy is clean it’s the same as any Santhanam’s comedy movie and doesn’t impress. Santhanam’s hero role doesn’t stand as its forced on the audience only his comedy traits are notable.  New comer Shanaya dosen’t deliver she could have been replaced by any Tamil speaking heroine who could have done better. Hindi actor Saurabh Shukla who plays the girl’s dad, has done a good job but to his caliber his role was wasted with very less screen time. ‘Mottai’ Rajendran is takes command in the second half and takes the audience in a fun roller coaster. Other cast members which include Karunas, Anandaraj  fail to impress. Dhilluku Dhuddu gets 5/10

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Pugazh – Movie review


Pugazh Jai,Surabhi,Karunas,RJ Balaji,Rajani,velraj,marimuthu

Pugazh (Jai) is a Good Samaritan living in Wallajahpet , he always cares for his neighbours and helps the needy. Trouble starts when the public ground in his neighbourhood is targeted by the local politician Das ( Marimuthu). He wants to sell the land which is rich in ground water to the minister’s son in law . This creates a feud between the Das and Pugazh. Das plays filthy and turns his friend against him and distracts Pugazh while planing to acquire the land . How Pugazh fights the politician and saves the land is the rest of the story.

Taking up a land grabbing issue and spinning a decent story line to support is difficult but Director Manimaran and team has managed to pull it off. Jai does a decent job but lacked screen presence and doesn’t take control of the scene. Marimuthu plays the filthy politician but the film needed a hard core villain to make it aggressive . But this film plays very safe and sober, it finally drags the story to a familiar ending. Surabhi plays Jai’s love interest and a does a good job. The rest of the cast was well picked but nothing extraordinary . A decent script which could have little more masala and a reduced duration could have been better. I give it 3/10


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Kathakali – Movie Review


Story is formed in Cuddalore , which is under control of Thambha (Madhusudhan Rao) a local don. Thambha with his two brother in laws tries to keeps every business in the town under their control . Even though Thambha is surrounded by enemies , he has local people supporting him treating him as a King . Amudhan ( Vishal ) who is returning home from abroad for his wedding ,is meeting his family after 4 years.We are briefly told about a feud between Amuthan’s family and Thambha which had left Amuthan’s father disabled permanently and his family troubled. Which is also one of the reasons why Amuthan had left Cuddalore. While Amuthan is busy in his marriage arrangements,he hears the news that Thambha has been murdered and he is one of the suspects. With police chasing him, Amudhan fights to clears his name and finds out who killed Thambha .

Vishal often tries to experiment in different roles and chooses themes which engross the audience till the last minute, this is also one of them. Director Pandiraj gives us a decent thriller with twist and turns keeping the audience guessing till the end. Casting has been carefully chosen and decent performance even though they are a whole lot of them.But the main plot of the film takes it own time to come out, the first half is wayward and most of the scenes with Catherine ,Karunass and Vishal combo could have been avoided. The tempo of the film which raises in the end of the first half doesn’t continue in the second half till the end. I give it 4/10




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