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Rangoon – Movie review

The stage is set in 1943, world is at war. British using Indian soldiers in the Burmese border to fight the Japanese. When the war goes tough, A British army general asks Famous filmmaker Rusi Bilamoria( Saif Ali Khan) to send his prized actress Julia( Kangana Ranaut) to entertain the soldiers in the border. Julia though reluctant at first agrees to please Rusi. Julia even gets a personal body guard soldier Nawab Malik (Shahid). As they cross the border they are attacked by Japanese bombers and they are separated from the troop and move into the jungle. That’s when love blossoms between them. Rusi on the other hand wants to divorce his wife and marry Julia, and Nawab has his own wars to fight.How this love triangle revolves within the war is the rest of the story.
Vishal baradwaj manages to tight knit story of forbidden love in the time of war. With a talented cast he manages to achieve it too. Kangana Ranaut stars over all and takes centre stage . Shahid and Saif contribute with heart to the story. The only problem was the movie was predictable and had too many moments which we had repeatedly seen in so many war movies. The production design though extravagant didn’t stick to the scenarios. There was always a missing element in all sequences. First half was cautiously directed, but the second half was dragging and predictable. Rangoon manages a 6/10 .


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Rangoon – Official Trailer

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Katti Batti – Trailer

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