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Mersal – Movie review

Till the day before Diwali, Mersal went through several issues, first the title row, then came confusion on the ticket pricing and finally the animal welfare board clearing which was needed for some scenes of the film. All this and Mersal released with maximum shows playing it in the city. The story starts with disappearance of key hospital staff and doctor which creates chaos across the city. When this criminal act is linked with Doctor Maran (Vijay) known as “the five rupees doctor” , the plot develops towards the medical practitioners and their service which is currently becoming the top industry in the country. How Maran is connected to this and how this ends is the rest of the story.

Though rumors started as this story is version of Apoorva Sagodharargal which also had triple character of the lead role Kamal Hassan, this one is a clearly is different with just a pinch of its flavor. Atlee has meticulously worked in the close knit story and well made screenplay by K. V. Vijayendra Prasad while acquiring the best from his lead role. Vijay has performed well and there are lots of mass scenes and moments which were tailored to make his fans go crazy. SJ Surya has done a good job and becoming top actors in the villain roles. Kajal Agarwal and Samantha have their moments but Nithya Menen is good and overcomes others by her performance. Vadivelu ,Kovai Sarala and Satyaraj have very little to offer but do their roles decently. Duration might look long for some, but was just right for me. Story is predictable which might cause dullness among the audience and songs could have been visualized better. Mersal gets 6/10

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Vivegam – movie review

Vivegam which releases with a huge expectation this Ganesh Chaturthi , which also marks Ajith’s presence in this movie industry for 25 years. Once again directed by Siva and with an international cast Vivegam is expected to do wonders. The movie starts with AK an highly trained operative (Ajith) spoils a terrorist deal involving a device which activates nuclear weapons. This comes under the radar of the counter terrorism group lead by Aryan ( Vivek Oberoi). Since AK was assumed dead a few months ago during an operation led by Aryan , the counter terrorism group send their agents to capture AK . What happened to Ak on his previous mission and does he get captured is the rest of the story.
Without any doubt Vivegam was purely designed for Ajith and he rules and carries the film from the first frame. His pure presence is enough to bring down the roof by his fans. Filmed in Bulgaria with an international cast the film gives a Hollywood flavour. Songs and music by Anirudh catches the beat only after you hear it a couple of times so give it some loops. But the story fails miserably with pot holes in the screenplay. Mindless violence sequences and a stretched second half makes it dull after the intermission. Kajal and Akshara have important roles and manage with a decent performance. Vivek Oberoi manages to pull it off opposite Ajith’s Himalayan presence. With an overall balance , Vivegam scores 5/10

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Kavalai Vendam – Movie Review


Aravind(Jiva) and Divya(Kajal) are childhood friends , they fall in love when they are in college and decide to get married even though Divya’s parents oppose it. But thier marriage doesn’t last even for a day as they get separated by a childish fight. Years later Divya decides to remarry and goes to Arjun to get a divorce. Arjun who still loves Divya decides to win her back , so agrees to give Divya the divorce on one condition she lives with him for 1 week as husband and wife.Whether Arjun gets back Divya or Divya gets her Divorce is the rest of the story.

Surprisingly with no twists or turns and a predictable story, Kavalai Vendam doesn’t ends up dull , but manages to entertain a bit. But with absolutely zero screenplay and only with dirty jokes and crazy one liners from RJ Balaji this movie cannot survive long in theaters.Though Jiva seems fit for the role, he can do better by  choosing the right films. Other than Abhinandhan’s camera work there is nothing to cheer about technically. “kavalai vendam” can be skipped with no worries .i give it 3/10


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Sardaar Gabbar Singh – Movie review


Gabbar singh (Pawan Kalyan) is a fearless cop, who believes on blunt force more than rules of the law when catching criminals. When he his transferred to control criminal activities in princely state of Rattanpur, he faces his match Bhairav Singh (Sharad Kelkar) a treacherous landlord who controls the lives of the villager. How Gabbar Singh saves the villager from the clutches of Bhairav Singh is the rest of the story.

A disastrous comeback from Pawan kalyan, even though he manages dominates the screen, he fails miserably as the writer of this film. The film lacks creativity and torchers the audience repeatedly till the end of the film. Nothing new in the film, just tasteless masala spread all over. Songs too are lame and dialogues are unappealing. I give the film a 1/10



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Paayum Puli – Movie review


When a ruthless gang targets business men around Madurai and Trichy district and extort money, the police manage form a plan and suppress their attack. But the gang kills the lead Inspector and proves their dominance. In comes ACP Jayaseelan (Vishal) who with his point blank approach manages to wipe out the gang, when the story takes a new twist which will test his wits against the evil mastermind.

While everyone may think that it will be usual Vishal police story, Suseenthiran manages to break that and bring in the offbeat touch. Vishal of all his police stories manages to be clear headed and performs well. We can also find traces of Pandiya nadu – their previous venture in this film. Finally the director manages to complete the film with family sentiments, pride and honor in the second half which is entertaining and faster .The problems in this film are the Romantic scenes with Kaajal Agarwal and the comedy scenes by Soori which doesn’t connect nor entertain in any way. They prove to be a distraction from the begging and make the 2hr 15 min film look like 3 hrs. . Songs doesn’t impress but the BGM is better. Velraj does a fabulous job; his drone top angles create a new field of vision to the audience. In all Paayum puli manages to cross half the distance. I give 5/10

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Maari – Movie Review

The films follows Maari  (Dhanush ) a local dada , who has control over triplicane area .He collects “Mamool” from the market
area in return for protection and raises pigeon for races. Backed up by a Don named Velu he maintains clean record and has no hassles with the police.In comes a new Sub inspector Arjun (Vijay Yesudas) who tries all means to put Maari between bars and take control over the area. He reopens a cold case in which Maari’s name was involved and with some help of Maari’s rivals puts Maari in Jail. How Maari regains his position is the rest of the story.
The aura of Dhanush as the character Maari makes the audience forget the lack of Story with a crappy screenplay in the film. Dhanush acts is heart out and makes people crazy with his screen presence .The chemistry and combination between Robo-shankar and Dhanush super exceeds that of Kajal Agarwal and Dhanush.Robo Shankar is a value additiuon in this picture who makes the film move without a dull moment .Vijay Yesudas ‘s attempt as an actor is miserable , best stick to music. Anirudhs’s music makes people scream and dance but after a point it becomes very repetitive .Lack of Direction with just punch lines and slow mo of Dhanush will bring only 4/10


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