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Kadugu – Movie Review

Kadugu follows Puli Paandi (Rajakaumaran) a Puli vesham dance artist who comes from family of this traditional dance form, but now is struggling as the art form itself is diminishing. But this doesn’t stop Paandi who is honest and helps everyone around him; he survives doing odd jobs for the area inspector (A.Venkataesh). When the inspector is transferred to Tharangambadi , he takes Paandi along with to help him out to settle before his family arrives. There we are introduced to Nambi( Bharath) a young boxer and politician who is popular in the town and is respected by the people. When political aspirations change Nambi’s nature, number of people including Paandi is caught in the crossfire which leads to a tragedy. What happens next is the rest of the story.

After the disastrous ‘10 Endrathukkula’ with Vikram , Vijay Milton bounces back with a solid storyline with a cast which executes it to perfection. Both Rajakumaran and Bharath have done well, Young Producer Bharath Seeni who comes as the petty thief Anirudh has given a good performance, Radhika Prasiddha does well in character though she has very little screen space. Kadugu connects well with audience of all ages and of all classes. With a duration of just 115 minutes the team has manages to present what they had intended. I give the movie 7/10

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