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Thupparivaalan – Movie Review

Thupparivaalan a detective action thriller written and directed by Mysskin and produced by Vishal , who also stars in the lead role released this week with great expectation from the director – actor duo who join for the first time. The film starts with some gruesome deaths of two key people in the society. We are introduced to Kaniyan Poongundran ( Vishal) an eccentric detective who takes weird and unsolved cases. When he is looking for an intriguing case, a kid walks into his home with is saved pocket money to find his pet dog’s killer. This pumps up Kaniyan into action, which starts a chain of events which leads him to a murderous group. How he fights them and solves the murder is the rest of the story.
Thupparivaalan brings us to yet another unseen world of crime and detection thru the mind of Mysskin. Though characters hold inspiration to Sherlock Holmes and Dr.Watson , Thupparivaalan takes you to a wild roller coaster ride. Vishal playing the lead role has given a good performance and carries the film on his shoulders throughout. Prassana who plays vishal’s sidekick adds support and brings normality balance to the eccentric Vishal’s character. The other cast members do their job just as Mysskin’s script and add value. Fight sequences play an important section in all Mysskin’s film and this one too gives us an unique composition , though some moves proved to be comic. Music and sound mix too play an important role and lift the film .The only mishit is the new face Anu Emmanuel who plays Mallika and Jai who still manages to be the dull actor even when given a good role. Duration also plays spoilsport in the second half when in mellows down and stretches the climax like a rubber band. Overall Mysskin once again gives a good thriller with a mix of dark humour. It gets 6/10

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Veera Shivaji – Movie Review


Shivaji alias Siva ( Vikram Prabhu) is a cab driver in Puducherry, being an orphan himself he is closely attached to 10 year old yazhini, who lives with her widowed mother. When all is well tragedy strikes as young Yazhini is diagnosed with tumour in her brain and needed immediate operation. When Siva is desperate for money For the operation , he is swindled by a counterfeit gang . How Siva gets back his money and saves Yazhini is the rest of the story.
Veera Shivaji is most amateurish film made this year , it fails in every aspect in the film. The acting is very weak, direction is weaker and falls apart. Shamili looks like a glamourised zombie and off sync all the way. Veera Shivaji will disappear even before you have second thoughts of seeing it in theatres.I give it 1/10


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Kabali – Movie review

The stage is set in Malaysia, where Kabali (Rajinikanth) a don is getting released from prison after 25 years. He was captured by the police midst a gang war with his rival Tony Lee (Winston Chao). Losing his pregnant wife in that incident he is also stamped with a strong case and locked up. Meanwhile Tony lee and his gang take control. Back on his turf Kabali gets back to business and tries to revive his people the Tamils in Malaysia whom he once represented and brought an identity to. He is also tormented by his ghosts of his past and tries to find out what happened to his wife . How Kabali finds his inner peace and also bring his people from the clutches of Tony lee is the rest of the movie.

Rajini is back , just to see him on screen itself is a festival to his fans worldwide. Though his action and his punch lines are limited, his screen presence dominates to the core. His portrayal of a husband and a father in the film was more captivating than his character as a don. But that angle was very limited in the story. Radhika Apte role was very less but just one scene in the second half shows her ability as an capable actress. Danishka was chosen right for her role and she does a decent job. Thus saying Ranjith’s strength with characters in support role was missing and you hardly connect to the supporting cast with the film. The first half just roams like a zombie after 15 mins and the pace picks up just at the end of the film. Though Rajini’s scenes keeps you alive , it just isn’t enough. Santhosh Narayanan’s bgm was ok but his songs just doesn’t stick. Though heavily hyped this film is just an average outing and gets only 5/10

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