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Vanamagan – Movie review

Story revolves around Jara( Jayam Ravi) a tribal whose community is threatened by the modern world and people who want to take over their land. When Jara manages to escape he has a accident and lands in hands of Kaavya ( Sayyesha) a rich and spoils heiress who comes to same island to celebrate the new year. Kaavya brings Jara to the modern world, to which his raw innocence and animal like behaviour makes Kavvya’s world upside down. As she manages to bring Jara under control , she also believes that she has get Jara back to his community. How she does that and how Jara get his people out of trouble is the rest of the story.
This is also one of Jeyam Ravi’s experiment in which most of the screen time is given to the female lead and he barely has any dialogue in the film. New comer Sayyeshaa gives a decent performance and shows that she can handle enough screen time. Jayam Ravi makes most of the character but I say it’s a waste for his talent and his caliber. Vfx and music end up crude and useless in the end without any creativity. Though initially comically and engaging, it becomes boring with a dull screenplay after the first hour. Predictable and unimaginative story gives Vanamagan just 3/10

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Bogan – Movie review


Adithya (Arvind Swamy) is a con man who swindles money from whoever he wants. Though coming from a Royal family, he became a pauper after his father lost all riches and the Government took over their kingdom after the countries’ independence. Once he stumbles upon a mystical scripture of a Sage “Bogar” with which one can swap body with another. Adithya uses this and makes huge heists and becomes filthy rich. But Vikram (Jayam Ravi), an assistant commissioner, is on to him after Aditya uses his trick on his father (Aadukalam Naren) who is a Bank manager. Vikram manages to capture Adithya but while interrogating him Adithya switches body with Vikram and escapes leaving Vikram behind in his body as the culprit in Jail. What happens next and what havoc does Adithya creates is rest of the story.

The film belongs to Arvind swamy as he charms his way onscreen in the role of the charismatic villain. Jayam ravi’s role though very much underplayed, the combination works and shines in the movie. Hansika role steal too much screen time in which delays the story in the beginning, but performs moderately. Lag in the second half delays the story and the climax is pushed hurriedly. Songs provide little entertainment to the story, but doesn’t support much. First half gets into a good form, but second half is half cooked and tastes bad. Bogan is still worth a watch for the leading Duo. I give it 5/10

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Miruthan – Movie review


The story is set in Ooty , when a barrel of toxic waste is spilled due to negligence ,it begins to infect the life around it. It makes the infected violent and drawn towards blood. Meanwhile as the outbreak reaches the heart of the city Karthik( Jeyam Ravi ) is searching for his lost little sister. With the help of Renuka ( Lakshmi Menon ) a doctor he finds his sister , to repay his debt he agrees to transport her and a group of doctors to the nearest city to find a cure for this outbreak. How he completes the task in the midst of the outbreak is the rest of the story.

Being the first zombie Tamil film, Miruthan keeps it simple and neat in the story line. There is no gore and violent blood sequences but has its share of thrills. Jayam Ravi doesn’t overdo is role and keeps its tight. Lakshmi menon does her part but nothing great. Kaali Venkat gives us a bit of comic relief which keeps the film going. We have to wait & see how this film is taken by the audiences as its the first zombie flick in Tamil film history, ( don’t forget Nalaya Manithan by Thakkali Srinivasan the first sci-fi horror Tamil film ) . This might be a little violent but not scary. I give it 3/10.


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Thani Oruvan – movie review


Mithran ( Jayam Ravi) is idealist cop in search for a worthy adversary. While in training , he and his friends in the camp play vigilante at nights and solve crimes . But Mithran is behind the big fish , who always manage to manipulate and stay far away from the reach of justice. He rounds up them to three main  kingpins who are behind all these lawlessness. Once he takes charge , he chooses his team and begins to collect proof against them. While following these three, he Finally learns that they are controlled by a singular mind  -Siddarth Abimanyu ( Arvindswamy) a scientist and a millionaire who is always a step ahead.How Mithran brings this criminal mastermind to justice is the rest of the story.

Thani Oruvan  is not your usual cop movie, this intense thriller is different and always keeps you at your edge of the seat. This movie brings out M.Raja out of his remake stamp. He with the support of a strong screenplay from the magic Duo Suba the screen writers packs a punch. Jayam Ravi plays his role too perfection and executes his character well. If it’s Jayam Ravi in the first half its Arvindswamy in the second half. He plays his character very casually with a calm wickedness. Nayanthara play her part well , her role and scenes bring a brief relief to the dense subject. For once the songs where not a hinderance to the story even though they weren’t memorable. Cinematography by Ramji was notable and composed very well , his mono chromatic colours brings variety to his compositions. The only drawback is the length of the movie, it nearly 2hrs 45mins. I give the movie 6/10


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Sakalakala Vallavan – Movie review


Sakthi ( Jayam Ravi) is a rural protagonist who is always counter attacked by Chinnabutthi (Soori) in their village. Though Chinnabutthi always ends up in failure or often humiliated he is ready to challenge Sakthi whenever he gets a chance. When Sakthi falls in love with Selvi ( Anjali) Chinnabutthi’s relative he calls for a truce and become friends. Sakthi and Anjali’s love is broken when Sakthi is forced into marriage with Divya ( Trisha ) in a dire situation. What happens next forms the rest of the story.

A big ensemble of a cast was wasted in this poorly executed film. A baseless storyline, irritating dialogues and comedy. Songs and music are worthless. This movie is not worth an audience. I give it 1/10


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Romeo Juliet – movie review


Story is about two individuals Karthik( Jayam Ravi) and Aishwarya ( Hansika) Who are in search of love. Karthik a gym trainer believes in love at first site and true love needs nothing else than two individuals who are committed to each other. Aishwarya an air hostess who has lived all her life alone, and has no clue on true emotions and has only one goal in life to love and marry a rich guy. She meets Karthik with the rich and famous people whom he trains and mistakes him as a wealthy businessman and falls in love with him.Karthik who is in madly with love with Aishwarya thinks that they are made for each other. But things get ugly when Aishwarya finds out that Karthik is poor and breaks up with him, which leaves Karthik in shambles. Will true love bring them together in the end is the rest of the story.

Even with a predictable ending, the director keeps us engaged us for 160 mins. The story has some nice moments which the audience love, laugh and enjoy. Jayam Ravi is very committed to his character and gives a good performance. Hansika too has done a good job , even with some minor slips in the dubbing area. VTV Ganesh gives us some comic relief in the film . the rest of cast has also done a decent job.The first half flies off but the second half could have been cut short. Songs are placed in logical places but doesn’t create an impact to the story. The hit song ‘ dandanakka’ fails visually and doesn’t gel with the film. I give it 5/10

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