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Logan – Movie review

It’s the year 2029 and world is nearly extinct from the mutants. Logan( Hugh Jackman) however works as a limousine driver and lives in a closed smelting factory, hidden and drinking to his death. He manages to keep Charles Xavier ( Patrick Stewart) with him, who is suffering from seizures and who is also nearing his end. Caliban an another mutant helps them out in the same hideout. His last peaceful days are disrupted by a girl who has escaped from a medical facility run by Transigen , a company which runs secret experiments. Logan soon finds out that the girl is actually a mutant developed by Transigen which is secretly developing mutant soldiers. Laura the girl wants Logan to transport her safely to the border where her fellow mutants are waiting. How Logan helps her and what problem he faces along the way is the rest of the story .
From the word go , action is the main flavour of the film and it lasts till desert. Hugh jackman shows why he is so perfect for the role even though this will be his last film as Wolverine he makes absorbs the character so well. Patrick Stewart too plays his part and makes a good performance. Laura played by young Dafne keen is ruthless as the mutant X-23 , she is so cruel in the action scenes and still subtle in the emotional scenes. Logan is the perfect ending to the Wolverine saga and we will miss Hugh Jackman until it’s rebooted. I give it 7/10


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Logan – Trailer 2

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Logan – Official Trailer

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