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Athey Kangal – movie review


Varun ( Kalai arasan) is an young man who inspite of being blind , runs a successful restaurant. His world is simple with his business, his parents and his friend Sadhana ( Janani Iyer). His simple life takes a turn when he meets Deepa ( Sshivada Nair), which begins as a casual encounter, develops much more than that. When Varun decides to propose to Deepa, she tells him that her family is deep in debt from her sister’s marriage and has repay them as soon as possible or face severe consequences . Varun volunteers to help, but tragedy strikes as Varun meets with an accident. The Accident brings back varun’s vision, but he is spends 3 weeks in hospital, where he looses touch with Deepa and her problem . Once out of hospital , he desperately tries to contact Deepa , but he there is no trace of her existence. Want happened to Deepa ? Will Varun meet her again is the rest of the story.

Athey Kangal a simple story with a nice twist, its strength are the characters and performers who make it a watchable flick. Kaliarasan finally gets a much need break in a lead role, but there is sense of nervousness in his performance which makes him out of character. Janani Iyer though given very less screen time, still makes use of it with a decent act. But Sshivadha Nair is the pick the three as she steals the show in the second half and highlights the film. The only problem is after a point the story loses its charm and moves sluggishly even for its 120 mins. Gibran’s Bgm gives support , but the songs execution fails. Movie moves dull without a supportive screenplay once the main plot comes into place. Athey Kangal is still watchable than most of the extravagant masala flicks. I give it 5/10

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