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Mo – Movie review


Dev (Suresh Ravi), Satish( Ramesh Thilak) and Kumar( Darbuka Siva) are small time con men . When all their traits become repetitive and less rewarding, they plan to go the next level. They try to use the fear of ghosts in people’s mind and scare the tenants of a multi apartment building by hiring a experienced makeup artist Joseph Chellappa ( Muniskanth) and junior artist Priya ( Aishwarya Rajesh) to act as the ghost . The plan becomes a success but they are caught red handed soon after wards by the apartment secretary Vetrivel ( Selva) only to be hired for his own plan to acquire a property using their skill set. What the team doesn’t know that the place is already haunted, how they survive is the rest of the story.
Considering a whole lot of flops and mishits last year, Mo stands out tall ,with a simple story with comedy and horror in equal balance. The standout was the trio Ramesh Tilak , Muniskanth and Darbuka Siva who create a laughing riot . Though Yogi Babu comes briefly takes charge in his scenes. Suresh Ravi and Aishwarya Rajesh have very less engaging parts , but the whole cast perform well. Though the ending might not appeal to many the film clearly stands out for its comedy. I give it 5/10

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Kidaari -Movie review


Movie starts with Kombaiya Pandian ( Vela Ramamoorthy) the kingpin of Saattur is rushed to the hospital after an attempt on his life. Even his loyal right hand Kidaari ( Sasi Kumar ) is surprised and determined to find the person behind this murder attempt. We are taken into a series of past events of Kombaiya Pandian and Kidaari ‘s villainy narrated by Poiyalli ( Mu Ramamurthy) a close associate of Kombaiya Pandian . Who is behind the this attack ? and how Kidaari finds it is the rest of the story.

Yet another blood soaked story involving Sasikumar splashes onscreen, but this movie keeps you engaged with a decent screenplay executed well by debutant director Prasath Murugesan. Vela Ramamoorthy and Sasi Kumar are made for each other in the movie. Casting of other characters could have been done better as some looked very amateurish . Though Nikila Vimal’s role was childish and over acted , it brought a little brightness in this vengeful drama. Cinematography by Kadhir and music by Darbuka Siva supported the story well. But the never ending flashbacks and mediocre acting made it dull. The bound between Kombaiya pandian and Kidaari was not fully exploited. Sasi Kumar ‘s romance scenes with Nikila were terrible. I give it 4/10



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Rajathanthiram – Movie review


Arjun (Veera) ,Austin (Darbuka Siva) and Deva (Ajai Prasath) are small time conman who cheat people in their unique ways. They always plan small and are satisfied with it. Arjun is called to rob a famous Jewelry store by Dharma(Naren) and Iyer(ilavarasu) which is owned by Kanchi Azhgappan (Pattiyal k.Shekar) . Arjun initially rejects the offer, but finally agrees when he is double crossed in another heist and to help his girlfriend Michelle (Regina) who needs money to clear off her father’s dept. His only condition being that he does it in his unique way. The rest forms the story.

Rajathanthiram with the duration of just over 2hrs this fast paced thriller keeps the audience guessing and at the edge of their seats throughout. A fine story telling with no absurd duets or item numbers, this budget film scores higher than any other film which released this month. The whole cast has done a great job, Veera , Siva and Ajay share a unique bond which makes their characters sparkle in the screen. Regina even though she comes for brief moment does her part well. Credit goes to the director Amid who has executed the story and cast to perfection. Even though the movie looks predictable at times and the heist looks very simple, but this con movie was rendered well on screen by the whole team. I give it 6/10



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