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Karuppan -Movie review

Maayi (Pasupathy) is a local headman and respectable person in his community, he is proud of his bull which has never been tamed in the annual Jallikattu . On one such occasion,and In the heat of the moment he agrees to give his sister Anbu( Tanya Ravichandran) in marriage to Karuppan (Vijay Sethupathy) if he tames his bull. As expected Karuppan tames the bull. Though reluctant at first Anbu agrees to the marriage much to the disappointment of Kathir (Bobby Simha) Maayi’s brother in law who had his eye on Anbu since childhood. Disoriented Kathir starts to create problems in their married life , will their marriage survive from Kathir ‘s treacherous acts ?this forms the rest of the story.
With Jallikattu as backdrop and with a graceful performance by Vijay Sethupathy Karuppan is a certain hit in B and C centres. Vijay Sethupathy clearly dominates the screen and rest of the cast gives him good support. Tanya Ravichandran gives a good performance , could have concentrated more on her lip sync though. Bobby Simha and Pasupathy too give a commendable performance. Having such good performances the story has nothing new to offer and lands up very predictable without any twists. Karuppan gets 5/10

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Kavalai Vendam – Movie Review


Aravind(Jiva) and Divya(Kajal) are childhood friends , they fall in love when they are in college and decide to get married even though Divya’s parents oppose it. But thier marriage doesn’t last even for a day as they get separated by a childish fight. Years later Divya decides to remarry and goes to Arjun to get a divorce. Arjun who still loves Divya decides to win her back , so agrees to give Divya the divorce on one condition she lives with him for 1 week as husband and wife.Whether Arjun gets back Divya or Divya gets her Divorce is the rest of the story.

Surprisingly with no twists or turns and a predictable story, Kavalai Vendam doesn’t ends up dull , but manages to entertain a bit. But with absolutely zero screenplay and only with dirty jokes and crazy one liners from RJ Balaji this movie cannot survive long in theaters.Though Jiva seems fit for the role, he can do better by  choosing the right films. Other than Abhinandhan’s camera work there is nothing to cheer about technically. “kavalai vendam” can be skipped with no worries .i give it 3/10


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Bangalore naatkal – Movie Review


Bangalore Naatkal is an Indian Tamil comedy drama film directed by Bommarillu Bhaskar, which is a remake of the 2014 Malayalam film Bangalore Days written and directed by Anjali Menon. Arjun (Arya), Kannan alias Kutty (Bobby Simha) and Divya(SriDivya) are inseparable cousins who have different dreams of their future , but one common dream is that they settle down in Bangalore and enjoy rest of their life. Arjun is a rebel from his childhood days, lives away from his from a dysfunctional family and enjoy lives to the movement but lacks commitment, Kutty lands in Bangalore in a software job but soon misses his native place and feels awkward living in the city. Divya who wants to pursue her studies is forced into marriage with Prasad (Rana) who resides at Bangalore. Arjun joins them in Bangalore as a racing Bike Mechanic and rest of story is how their lives go through a roller-coaster ride in their city of dreams.

Remakes are never easy as the original always has a cultural flavor, and the actors performances are always in a comparative mode. But the director made sure that he stuck to the original script and didn’t deviate and gave us a decent remake. SriDivya and Parvathy are key actors who never let their character down, For Rana it was huge step to doing a character like this but it could have been better. Arya gave us a decent performance, but Bobby Simha was a total mismatch for the character and his narration throughout the film made it sound awkward. Bangalore Naatkal maybe a decent flick for the ones who skipped the original version. I give it 4/10


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