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Biriyani – Movie review


Biriyani Movie Review
Sugan (Karthi) and Parasu (Premji) are childhood friends who also work together . Sugan flirts with all women even though he has a steady girlfriend and in times makes Parasu the scape goat whenever he gets caught. On the occasion of thier new showroom opening in Aambur , Sugan impresses the chief guest the high profile industrialist Varadarajan (Nazar) and gets invited to a party. Sugan and Parasu leave early as the party ends up boring and decide to return to chennai. Since Sugan has the habit of eating Biriyani after he drinks they search for a Biriyani hotel and land up on a highway joint. There they are lured by a sexy woman to a resort and get wasted drinking that night. The next day Sugan and Parasu finds themselves in a mess with the Varadarajan’s body in their car, with no memory of what happened in the night. What happened that night and will they escape from this Predicament is the rest of the story.
Karthi was in for a Hat-trick of flops if this film doesn’t do well. But Venkat Prabhu has managed to pull out a success with his Biriyani with a mix of different masala in it .Even though the first half goes aimless with Karthi’s and Premji’s comedy scenes , it picks momentum by the interval block.With some twists and turn in the story the audiences are kept busy till the end .Hansika does a brief role as Karhti’s love interest but doesn’t have much to do. A long list of actors are given a equal share of screen space and characters in the film. Yuvan’s work is very mediocre for his 100th film , and Sakthi Saravanan’s cinematography does do anything different either. This Biriyani has less rice and too much masala in it. I give it 4/10


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