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Kavalai Vendam – Movie Review


Aravind(Jiva) and Divya(Kajal) are childhood friends , they fall in love when they are in college and decide to get married even though Divya’s parents oppose it. But thier marriage doesn’t last even for a day as they get separated by a childish fight. Years later Divya decides to remarry and goes to Arjun to get a divorce. Arjun who still loves Divya decides to win her back , so agrees to give Divya the divorce on one condition she lives with him for 1 week as husband and wife.Whether Arjun gets back Divya or Divya gets her Divorce is the rest of the story.

Surprisingly with no twists or turns and a predictable story, Kavalai Vendam doesn’t ends up dull , but manages to entertain a bit. But with absolutely zero screenplay and only with dirty jokes and crazy one liners from RJ Balaji this movie cannot survive long in theaters.Though Jiva seems fit for the role, he can do better by  choosing the right films. Other than Abhinandhan’s camera work there is nothing to cheer about technically. “kavalai vendam” can be skipped with no worries .i give it 3/10


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Valiyavan – Movie review


‘Engaeyum Eppothum ‘fame M.Saravanan teams up again with Jai for this romantic drama ‘Valiyavan ‘ . The films start with Vinoth (Jai) and Subiksha (Andrea) meeting in a subway and Subiksha declares her love for him the first time they meet. Vinoth doesn’t react and dismisses this thinking that it’s a joke or prank played by someone. But he is puzzled by the thought that whether it might be true and goes back to the same place the next day in search of her. They finally meet and Vinoth expresses his love but Subiksha now back pedals and says no. But Vinoth is determined to win her affections.  After a couple of fast-beat romantic tracks, Subhiksha relents on one condition.  She wants Vinoth to beat up Aswin, a champion boxer. Does he fight with the champion boxer and why does Subiksha place such a task to Vinoth, fills the rest of the story.

Jai’s commitment to build his body to show it on screen for just 20mins screen time is the only decent outcome of the film. The supporting characters Bala Saravanan, Azhagam Perumal do a decent job in their characters .The rest is nonsense, a very weak story, zero screen-play and a lousy and boring first half makes this film fail miserably. The actual romance which forms the base of the story itself is very weak. Songs were good to hear but the choreography and visualizing were extremely horrible and cheap. I give it 2/10



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