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Chennai 600028 2nd innings – Movie review


When it comes Venkat Prabhu the only thing first comes to your mind is the Chennai 28, his first film which became a cult classic. Now the sequel is all about how the boys are after 10 years. Well nothing is changed, other than most of them are married and but still are very close friends. Raghu (Jai) is in love and about to get married to Anu (Sana Altaf) .He invites his friends to his wedding in Theni, the bride’s home town. The boys leave to Theni along with their wives, much to the disappointment of Seenu (Prem ji) who thought this would be a boy’s only outing in which they can party all the way. In Theni they bump into Aravind (Aravind Akash) who is in trouble with the local ringleader Marudhu (Vaibhav) who is the also local cricket team captain. To help Aravind the Shark’s team once again gears up to play in a cricket tournament against Marudhu’s team.  How this cricket match changes all their lives is the rest of the story.

Sequels are very unpredictable, even in Hollywood it’s very rare to get it right when the first one is a hit. But Venkat Prabhu nails it as he manages to bring back the same energy as the first one. The plus point is of course the whole gang which still maintains the same chemistry as the first edition and manages entertain the young crowd throughout. Kudos to the whole team. The only flaw is the whole film is that its wet with drinking and party scenes as if there were no other fun in the whole world. The second half has a shade of lag, but it catches up towards the end and finishes fine. Chennai 28 – II innings is an enhanced version of the first edition, both in the technical dept and in the drinking dept . I give it 5/10

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Zero – movie review


Bala ( Ashwin) and Priya ( Sshivadha) are lovers , Bala marries Priya even though his father was against it. The reason being that Priya’s mother was mentally ill when she was pregnant, and he thinks that the illness might get to Priya as well. As the couple start their new life , it’s all fine at first. But slowly Priya starts to hallucinate and starts to sleepwalk . She starts to hear things and becomes unstable. Bala starts to investigate but when it things happen which bends reality , he seeks an outside help. What’s happening to Priya and whether he stops it is the rest of the story.
Zero is a well crafted fantasy movie with very good performances from the lead actors. All the technicians follow the director’s path which helps the film move in unity. Ashwin and Sshivadha perform very well and carry out their roles to perfection. The only flaw was that the execution goes disarray in the second half and ends in a hurry. To much information is stuffed in the second half which doesn’t give the audience time to digest . I give it 4/10





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