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Kadavul irukan kumaru – Movie review


Kumar (G V Prakash) along with his friend Balaji ( R J Balaji) leaves to Pondicherry on the eve of wedding to have his bachelor’s party. His fiancée Priya ( Nikki Galrani) who is a control freak , allows this as a last party as Kumar convinces that he is having this party to forget his ex girlfriend Nancy (Anandhi) and to become clean after this. But tragedy strikes in Pondicherry and Kumar gets into trouble with the law. How he manages to get back to his wedding is the rest of the story.
With a very known and a predictable story , Kadavul irukan kumaru starts very dull ,but comedy track keeps you alive. G V Prakash manages to fits the character, though needs to work on his acting skills. Both Anandhi and Nikki Galrani have less screen time and very less to offer. Director’s decision for a different voice for Anandhi fails miserably. R J Balaji’s comedy track and Prakash Raj’s character helps the film move and forget the dull and disastrous screenplay. Overall KIK is a movie which can be skipped. I give it 3/10


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Visaranai – Movie Review


Four friends who have run away from their homes in Tamil Nadu land up in Guntur district of Andra Pradesh.  Doing odd jobs and sleeping in the public park at nights they barely make ends meet. One morning everything changes when they all are picked up by the local police and marked as accused for a crime which involve a huge amount of money. Tortured and brutally beaten they are forced to take the blame for the crime so the local police can close the case. With no one to support the four friends have only their courage to overcome the situation.

Based on the real-life story of Chandra Kumar who is now an auto rickshaw driver in Coimbatore Visaranai was brought to life. Even though the film shows torture and police brutality, it also shows if you are expendable in the system it doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor. With zero commercial elements a strong screenplay dominates the movie. The whole team has worked to perfection that you hardly see a flaw. Dinesh shows that he can deliver as an actor if he is directed well. Samuthirakani, Kishore and Aadukalam Murugadoss perform naturally in their characters. Portrayal of each and every character in the film is unique and executed well. G.V Prakash’s background score supports the whole film and wraps it well. Art direction gets a special mention, though cinematography could have been better. The only drawback from the film is that it can make the common man even more distant from the law enforcement. I give it 8/10


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Thaarai Thappattai – Movie Review



The story revolves around a folk dance group lead by Sannasi ( Sasi Kumar) and their lead dancer Sooravali ( Varalakshmi Sarathkumar). Sooravali is madly in love with Sannasi , and even though Sannasi loves her, he is reluctant show it. The troop struggles a lot to survive as every aspect of entertainment is commercialized these days. In the midst of survival , Sooravali gets a marriage proposal and Sannasi makes the ultimate sacrifice for Sooravali to have a normal life. What happens to Sooravali and how the troop survives without their lead dancer is the rest of the story

Its definitely the maestro’s show all the way has he dominates with his mesmerizing music. His music not just compliments but glorifies each and every moment in the film. Varalakshmi lives in the character and dominates the first half completely . But lack of strong screenplay and a wayward second half makes the film incomplete . Though some may say that Sasikumar has underplayed his character, for me it looks dead and weak. R K Suresh’s character was over acted and repulsive. Lack of concentration on the main theme makes the film fragile. I give it 3/10




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Trisha Illana Nayanthara – Movie review



The story follows the life of Jeeva (GV Prakash) who grows up along with two girls, Ramya (Anandhi) and Aditi (Manisha Yadav). Apparently all the three are born on the same day in the same hospital, same time.At the young age Jeeva falls in love with Ramya , but they break over a misunderstanding and Ramya leaves town . In this period Adithi comes into his life. After loving Jeeva for 3 years they break up when Jeeva finds out that Adithi is a habitual drinker. Distressed with his life he leaves to Kumbakkonam to live with his Uncle (VTV Ganesh). There he sees Ramya again and tries to mend his relationship. Whether he succeeds is the rest of the story.

From the word go this film is evident that this film falls in a Sex comedy genre filled with  ‘A’ jokes and double meaning dialogues. There is no reason for audience to look for a story or a worthy screenplay to go with. GV Prakash though apt for the role, is worthless as an actor. He is mostly shown drunk and spurting foul language .Anandhi who showed signs of a natural actor in her previous film, is wasted in this role. She will regret doing this film. VTV Ganesh gives some comedy relief but doesn’t impress. Too many scenes with anti- women dialogues spoil the show, but were cheered across the theatre among the teenagers. One thing I agree with the director is it’s a ‘ Kevalamana Love Story ‘ . Certainly not for the family viewing. I give this movie 1/10


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