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Lens – Movie review

Arvind (Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan) is porn addict and is obsessed with online sex chatting, so obsessed that he even ignores his wife. Once while chatting with a masked person, he gets an invitation for personal video chat, upon continuing he finds out that it’s a man named Yohan ( Anand Swamy). Taken by surprise Arvind is embarrassed and tries to avoid Yohan and disconnects. Suddenly Arvind gets a video message from Yohan which contains the sex chat he with the women earlier. Yohan tells Aravind that he is going to commit suicide and requests Aravind to watch his death or he uploads the video. Who is Yohan ? , and why is he threatening Arvind is the rest of the story.

From the first scene the Director is clear on what he is delivering and the sensitivity of the content he is showing. Though given an “A” certificate they haven’t misused it show direct adult content for commercial purpose. Given the sensitive nature the actors in the film have done decent job, though Anand Swamy has overacted it in a few scenes. The new comer Aswathy lal has also given a decent performance. The only drawbacks were the cinematography and editing which gives an amateur presentation. The second half flashback scenes were dragging those could have been better. Even with these flaws Lens gives a hard hitting truth about online chatting and voyeurism which every adult should watch.I give it 5/10

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