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2.0 Movie review

Finally we get see the much delayed director Shankar’s 2.0. With much expected from the film , I hope it runs well in the city. The film opens with a man hanging himself in a cell phone tower. The very next day a strange magnetic force attracts all the mobile phones from the users and all the phones vanish in thin air. Mobile phone towers are broken mysteriously and strange murders happens in the city of top people connected with communication authorities. The Government officials calls for an urgent meet with a group of scientists. After thorough research, Vaseegaran (Rajini kanth) suspects the existence of a fifth force and to handle it, he suggests to bring back the Chitti the robot, who is currently dismantled and under government authority. Though the idea is brushed off and military force is brought to handle the situation, the problem becomes huge and finally Chitti is brought back into action. How Vassegaran and Chitti fight this mighty force and bring back peace is the rest of the story.

Only Rajinikanth’s presence and quality VFX saves 2.0. Rajini’s sheer presence as chitti 2.0 in the second half makes the movie alive. The film takes its own time building the story and nurture the villain in the first half, but quality VFX and 3D visualization keeps the audience engaged. Akshay Kumar physically doesn’t have much to do in the film and as for me he is wasted in the film. Story is kept simple but screenplay doesn’t elevate it, that is the weakling in the film. Though BGM is good, lack of songs is a miss in Shankar’s film, having A R Rehman in his arsenal. Watch it only in 3D for its visual grandeur. I give it 5/10.

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Theri – Movie Review

eTheri-First-Look-Poster copy

Theri Much anticipated “Theri” with Atlee and Vijay combination released on Friday , this movie was widely expected to be a hit as last two films of Vijay was average. Joseph Kuruvilla ( Vijay) a soft spoken baker lives a simple life along with his cute daughter Nivi ( Nainika) . His normal life is disturbed when he has a conflict with the local gang. When he is pushed to corner and his daughter’s life is threatened , Joseph comes out his hibernation and shows his true colours. This starts a chain of events which leaves Joseph and his daughter run for their lives. Who really is joseph Kuruvilla? And why is he chased by villains ? And how he tackles them is the rest of the story.

A complete entertaining film is delivered by Atlee and team. Entertaining first half makes Vijay fans go crazy . Vijay takes charge from the beginning is complimented well with good dialogues and clean screenplay . Samantha proves once again that she can step up as a good actress when the chance is given, she does a great job. Nainika’s performance was well moulded by Atlee. Her scenes were enjoyable and cute. Motta Rajendran and Radhika play Important roles and perform decently . As much as the first half was well scripted the second half was really weak, dull and predictable.its strays without direction and ends rather raw. Vijay struggles in emotional scenes, Infact weakest points in the film are the emotional scenes . The veteran director Mahendran who plays the villain is quite weak in his character and doesn’t match Vijay’ s heroics. Amy Jackson was just their to fill the screen , her character doesn’t do much in the story. Music was a huge blunder, songs are messy and the Bgm blares all over the film loudly. Cinematography and Art direction are key elements which should be clearly applauded . A planned first half is clouded by a weak and dull second half, but still manages to get 6/10


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Theri – Official Trailer

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Gethu – Movie Review

Movie starts with the introduction to a high profile assassin called the ” bull” ( Vikranth) getting his next assignment to kill a scientist in the next 30 days. Then we are shifted to KumiI where our Hero Sethu ( Udaynidihi Stalin) a librarian living peacefully with his Father Thulsiraman (Satyaraj), mother and sister. His Father the high school P.T. Master runs into trouble with the local councillor and his brother who run a bar near the school premises. Sethu gets into a fight with the brothers when his family gets threatened . The next day one of the brother is found dead and evidence make Thulasiraman the suspect and he is arrested. Sethu starts to investigate the murder along with his police friend (Karunakaran) when they stumble upon a bigger conspiracy behind the murder, how they solve it is the rest of the story.

What’s starts as a interesting thriller , fades off into thin air . Story wanders without a path and ends as predicted and dull. It’s happy to know that Udaynidhi has come out of comedy and tried an action thriller, but his dead and emotionless acting tells us that he is not ready for it. Amy Jackson just comes in as a glamour doll, and doesn’t make any impact on the story. Vikranth as an actor has more potential but is wasted even without a decent dialogue in the film. Film doesn’t comply with its own title and just ends up being a failed thriller . I give 2/10



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Thangamagan – Movie Review


Thanga Magan tells us the life of Tamizh ( Dhanush ), we follow his happy teenage days, his love , his breakup, his marriage ,his happiness and his sorrows. He falls in love with Hema (Amy Jackson)a girl way out of his league , but he charms his way through and finally makes her fall in love with him . But their love doesn’t last long and breaks up in a small misunderstanding.He is left distraught, life goes on and he joins his father (KS Ravikumar) to work in the same office. He gets married to Yamuna (Samantha) and starts to lead a normal life. His peaceful life is turned upside down when his father faces corruption charges and his father takes a drastic decision . How he manages to clear his father name makes the rest of the story.

Thangamagan is a clean and a full family entertainer , Director Velraj proves that you don’t need too many mass moments or exaggerated fights or colorful locations attached if your story and screenplay is matched to near perfection. His feel good romance and few but well crafted mass moments makes this a clean hit at the end of the calendar year. Dhanush just lives thru the character and carries the film on his shoulders throughout. Both lead actresses have a decent role to perform and play their part equally well , although Amy Jackson’s lip sync was of 60 % off, but her acting was better than her previous venture. Samatha is challenged with a different role as a middle class wife, but does it well enough to be her best performance till date. Satish who plays Dhanush’s inseparable friend provides the comic relief which balances the film well. Radhika and KS Ravikumar perform well and where tailor made for their roles . Music is big plus in the film and songs where directed and placed in appropriate places which helps the film move. The only draw backs was the second half was not as strong as the first , it seemed too easy for the hero at the end of it . That said Thangamagan is still worth your money , I give it 6/10



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I – Movie review

Shankar's I Movie Posters (1)

‘I’ the much awaited movie of the year was released this festival season, which took nearly two years to finish. Lingesan(Vikram) is an aggressive body builder who’s only goal is to become participate in Mr.India competition. He is also obsessed with a model Diya(Amy Jackson), so obsessed that he even buy women products which she represents and does ad films for. When Diya Approaches him to act with her in an ad film, he even gives up the opportunity to compete in the Mr.India competition and agrees to act with. While shooting they fall in love and become the most beautiful couple pair in the AD industry. A chain of events creates a number of enemies to Lingesan and they plan to eliminate him and inject a deadly virus into him which makes him into a hideous hunchback. How he takes revenge on them is the rest of the story.

Vikram’s commitment stands out throughout the film, generally when Shankar directs a film he takes credit, but this film belongs to Vikram. Amy Jackson has also done a good job, minus her lip sync. Cinematography stands out in the first half where it features the scenic Chinese background. . Music is amazing with complimenting cinematography .Art department and the costume department has done an extraordinary job. . Weta’s magic in makeup is amazing and VFX in major sequences looks seamless The simple story has lot of unnecessary scenes, first half editing is very messy and the length of the film is a major drawback. A lot of AD campaign scenes could have been reduced. The bicycle fighting sequence too ends up boring. Shankar’s weak story telling has been compensated with an amazing performance and a great technical team. I give the film 6/10 .


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