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Naa Peru Surya : Naa Illu India – Movie Review

Surya (Allu Arjun) is a short tempered army soldier; his only dream is to be stationed in the border of our country. But his short tempered character is not approved by his superiors. He often lands into trouble and gets himself punished and court-martialed. But when he loses his cool and takes a very impulsive decision on a terrorist, he is relieved of his duty. Upon his god father’s plea , he is allowed to rejoin on a condition that he gets an no-objection certificate from the renowned psychologist Dr Rama Krishnan Raju (Arjun) his father. Incedentally is father was the one who disowned him as a teenager due to his character . The real test for Surya starts when he is challenged by his father to be calm and show no trace of anger for 21 days as a test. Will Surya overcome is anger and rejoin the army? Will Surya be able to change is true nature? This forms the rest of the story.

Though Naa Peru Surya starts strong, it loses control in the second half and ends subtle. Patriotic dialogues are filled in movie and after a time become very repetitive.  Allu Arjun is stunning in the role and takes command from the word go. Though Arjun has very little to contribute, makes an impression. Director Vamsi makes a decent debut but story doesn’t offer anything new. Narration and a crisp edit would have elevated the movie in the second half. However Naa Peru Surya ends decent though is stretched in duration. I give the film 4/10

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Duvvada jagannadham (DJ) – Movie Review

Duvvada Jagannatham (Allu Arjun) as a young boy coming from a orthodox Brahmin family, is brought up in the ahimsa way. But Jagannatham wants to fight against injustice which happens around him. He joins hands with a cop (Murali Sharma) and becomes a vigilante called DJ and hunts bad elements in society. He comes across his worst opponent Royalla Naidu ( Rao Ramesh) a huge business who is also secretly behind a huge real estate scam which is draining people’s money. What happens when both of them meet is the rest of the story.
DJ doesn’t offer anything new in the story segment, but has enough mass scenes and dance moves to entertain the audience through the film. Allu Arjun does well in his tailor made character, and carries the film on his shoulder through out. Pooja hegde looks great and gives a decent performance. The whole gives a decent performance and stick to their role . Music and songs a plus and fulfils every Allu Arjun’s fans. The second half might look a tad slow but catches up and ends well. Though with a old story and a predictable screenplay, DJ still manages to entertain the audience. The movie gets 5/10




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Rudhramadevi -Movie Review

The story is set in Ancient Kakateya Dynasty, The Kingdom ruled by Raja Ganapathy (Krishnam Raju) who is constantly troubled by his neighboring kingdoms and also by his kings of state who wants his place as king as he is left without a male successor . When Queen finally gives birth to a female child Rudhramadevi both the King and his faithful Minister decides to announce Rudhrama Devi as prince Rudra Devudu to his empire and also rise the female child as a boy . When Rudramadevi comes to age the King decides to reveal the secret but Rudhramadevi tells her father that she will reveal herself only once the kingdom his secure and decides to continue to adorn the male form as Rudra Devudu. How Rudhramadevi saves her kingdom from its enemies and  will she reveal herself forms the rest of the story.
Rudhramadevi is full of notable individual performances by the lead characters. Even though the story works, it lacks creative writing and a strong screenplay. Too many characters with difficult names fails to register in the audience mind. VFX is a good attempt but the fails to impress, the war sequences makes us remember the old Mahabharat TV show of the late 80’s. The only technical team which impresses was the set design by the veteran Thota Tharani . Songs to fails to impress as the movie itself fails elevate the drama . Allu Arjun’s character is very brief and doesn’t carry along, it might not impress his fans. Rana too has very little screen time. 3D doesn’t impress and is disturbing in certain scenes, the convergence in certain compositions makes your eyes pain . On the whole Rudhramadevi doesn’t impress though full of huge names . i give it 4/10


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