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Kanna – Movie review


As a kid when Kousalya sees her father Murugesan cry when India loses the World Cup in cricket, she decides to play just to bring a the smile back in her father face. But for a girl from a village and from a farmer’s family she goes goes tough odds just to learn the game. The struggles of Kousalya and her family to reach the dream is the rest of the story.

Debut director Arunaraja Kamaraj not just gives us a film on sports , he also gives a strong message on the farmers plight in our state. He also balances it with light comedy and doesn’t make it preachy . Aishwarya Rajesh and Sathyaraj are the pillars of the film and give great performances. Siva Karthikeyan’s cameo gives a well needed boost in the second half. Dialogues are well written and executed well in scenes. The only drawback is that the second half moves sluggish and becomes predictable. The team deserves an applause for delivering a family pleasing sports drama. I give the film 5/10

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Vada Chennai – Movie review

Vada chennai begins in 1987 with an aftermath of a gruesome murder, where the killers Guna( Samuthirakani), Senthil( Kishore) , Velu (Pavan) and Pazhani(Deena) are planning how to take over the business now as they have killed their leader. Very soon they break their bond and they become as rival gangs waiting to get to each other throats when they have a chance . Cut to the year 2000 we are introduced to Anbu (Danush) a young carrom champ who lands up in prison over a minor scuffle with one of Guna’s men. As the prison is divide between Guna and Senthil’s gang, Anbu must win over Senthil’s goodwill to save himself. How Anbu’s life goes through ups and downs and how he finally understands what really is his destiny, is the rest of the story.
The narrative of Vetri Maaran goes back and forth between years adding details to each character and their motives and who they in the epic drama which is said to be written as 2parts. Vetri Maaran as a crafted story teller brings the audience under a spell with well written and executed film. It’s not just Dhanush who excels in his character, almost every actor gets in to the character and performs well . Every technical department from production design to cinematography do their part and bring this drama to success. Music by Santhosh Narayanan is top notch.The only flaw is that is at some point not all the audience can keep track of the back and forth switching between years of the story, it takes time sync in. Violence and unmuted foul language makes it unwatchable to the family audiences. Vada Chennai gets 7/10

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Mo – Movie review


Dev (Suresh Ravi), Satish( Ramesh Thilak) and Kumar( Darbuka Siva) are small time con men . When all their traits become repetitive and less rewarding, they plan to go the next level. They try to use the fear of ghosts in people’s mind and scare the tenants of a multi apartment building by hiring a experienced makeup artist Joseph Chellappa ( Muniskanth) and junior artist Priya ( Aishwarya Rajesh) to act as the ghost . The plan becomes a success but they are caught red handed soon after wards by the apartment secretary Vetrivel ( Selva) only to be hired for his own plan to acquire a property using their skill set. What the team doesn’t know that the place is already haunted, how they survive is the rest of the story.
Considering a whole lot of flops and mishits last year, Mo stands out tall ,with a simple story with comedy and horror in equal balance. The standout was the trio Ramesh Tilak , Muniskanth and Darbuka Siva who create a laughing riot . Though Yogi Babu comes briefly takes charge in his scenes. Suresh Ravi and Aishwarya Rajesh have very less engaging parts , but the whole cast perform well. Though the ending might not appeal to many the film clearly stands out for its comedy. I give it 5/10

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Kutrame Thandanai


After an impressive Kakka Muttai , director Manikandan comes back with Kutrame Thandanai. The film follows Ravi (Vidharth) who works in a collection agency as a credit card due collector. Ravi suffers from a rare case of tunnel vision which makes his field of view very minimum. Living with a very low income he is suddenly in need of lakes to undergo the surgery. That’s when he becomes witness to a murder . Rather than being a moral citizen he begins to use this to his advantage. How far does he go is the rest of the story.
Kutrame Thandanai is well crafted thriller by Manikandan, the characters are well casted and brought to screen as close to real life. Vidarth is simply too committed to his role and performs well. The rest of the cast though balanced equally on screen time, support well in theirs roles and bring quality to the movie. The biggest drawback is the pace of the movie which makes the 99 mins of running time seems like 150 mins. First half drags like like a snail towards a strong intermission , but the second half keeps us engaged and finishes well. Background score by the maestro was well balanced for the story. I give it 6/10




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Dharmadurai – movie review

Seenu Ramasamy is always known for his neat storyline and developing real Iife characters in his film. This film shows the life of young doctor and his different episodes in his life. Dramadurai (Vijay Sethupathy ) is introduced as an alcoholic doctor, who lives in his home town. He is an constant irritation to his brothers as he causes them shame . The brothers who run the local chit fund are ashamed of him a wants him thrown out, as he tells the villagers that they will cheat of their hard earned money. The only soul who understands Darma is his mother (Radhika Sarathkumar) who stands between the brothers. When the brothers decide to get rid of Darma , he runs from villages with his brothers clothes which also has the chit money of the villagers. Why does Darmadurai despise his brothers? What happens Darmadurai is the rest of the story.
The natural story line and extraordinary performances from the whole cast makes Darmadurai a clean hit. Vijay Sethupathy who carries the whole film on his shoulders, once again dazzles in his performance. Credit goes to the director and Vijay Sethupathy who execute memorable character. Three actresses lead by Radhika Sarathkumar, followed by Aishwarya Rajesh and Tamanna perform equally well. Songs support the film and move the film in elegance. Though very predictable the story never loses its composure. Though with 147 mins of running time, there are some scenes which slows down the pace drags you. Film feels as though it lacks a punch , though it doesn’t disappoint you it also doesn’t fully satisfy you. I give it 6/10


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Aarathu Sinam – Movie review


Aarathu Sinam is the remake of Jeethu Joseph’s 2013 Malayalam movie Memories. Arulnidhi takes the lead role which was played by Prithviraj in the original version. Story starts with a series of murders which happens in and around Madurai. The victims are tortured , killed and their bodies displayed in public. The police are dumbfounded and the media are ripping them apart for their incompetence . Thats when the commissioner (Radharavi) decides to hand over the case to Aaravind. Aaravind( Arulnidhi) once a ┬áproficient cop is grieving over the lose his wife and daughter. How Aaravind fights his own demons and also finds the killer is the rest of the story.

Aarathu Sinam a decent thriller with some exiting moments which keeps you going till the end. Arulnidhi gets into the character well but I think could have done much better, since there was scope in his role. Aishwarya Rajesh comes briefly has his wife but makes an impression. The story takes time to seep in and hurries off in the second half. Script has lot of gaps which makes it incomplete and finally winds up with a familiar scenario. Robo Shankar tries to give some comic relief but becomes repetative and dull. The main content loses lustre as the movie goes ahead. Aarathu Sinam leaves the audience dry in the end. I give it 3/10


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