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Secret Superstar – Movie Review

Secret superstar

15 year old Insia ( Zaira Wasim) is a talented singer , who wants to become a super star in a singinf competition. But her dreams are confined only within the four walls of her room and to her mother Najma. Financially dependent on her abusive husband and conservative household Najma (Meher Vij) can allow her children them to be themselves only when her husband is on business trips. Though Insia tries her best to convince her mom into divorce, Najma stays reluctant and scared. Whether Insia gets to fulfill her dreams is the rest of the story.

Even with a very predictable story and simple story telling, Secret Super star stands tall in performances of the characters. Young Zaira gives and outstanding performance with good support by others actors. Aamir khan charms his way around in the second half but doesn’t over doo. Music and songs support the film well.Duration makes it little slow on the second half but the film finishes strong. Though Secrect Super star will not be a commercial success it will still entertain and stay in your heart. I give the film 7/10

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Dangal – Movie review

Mahavir Singh Phogat (Aamir Khan) is a national level wrestling champion , now working as a clerk in a government office. His only regret is that he couldn’t continue in an international level, since he had take care of his family. He prays for a son so that the legacy could continue and win a gold medal to the country. But when God blesses him with girls, his dreams are shattered. As years pass by Mahavir draws his interest away from the sport continues his quite life. But things change when he finds his girls Geetha and Babitha beat up couple of boys in quarrel, he decides to train them as wrestlers as they have the grit in them. Though his wife and the people of his town don’t approve of this Mahavir is determined. How Mahavir makes his daughters into champions is the rest of the story.
Though in the beginning it looks as just as one man’s crazy ambition, Dangal proves to be more than that in this true story. It touches social issues and shows how indifferent the sporting federation is towards minor sports. Aamir khan’s dedication towards his character is unimaginable, and new faces Fatima and Sanya perform faithfully to their roles. Even the young Zaira and Suhani who come as young Geetha and Babitha steal our hearts. Sakshi Tanwar though has very less screen time, makes the most of it. All Technical depts adds quality and grace to the film , Soundtrack rises the adrenaline and was subtle wherever needed. The only drawback was the duration which shows in the second half, which could have been reduced. Still Dangal is becomes second highest grossing film on opening day. Dangal gets 7/10



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Dangal – Official Trailer

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Dhoom 3 – Movie Review


Dhoom 3
Iqbal (Jackie Shroff) who owns the great Indian Circus In Chicago is in debt and loses everything to the bank, even his last attempts fails and the bank closes the circus.He commits suicide before his son Sahir.Over the years Sahir (aamir khan) plans and takes revenge on the bank by stealing their branches one by one. In comes Jai Dixit ( Abishek) and Ali (udhay Chopra) to help the Chicago police on this case. Meanwhile Sahir revives the Great Indian circus and multitasks as the thief robbing the rest of the banks making it bankrupt. How close does he comes to completing his revenge is the rest of the story.
Its Aamir all the way in Dhoom 3 . His charismatic acting and screen presence blurs everything else in the film. Physically he has taken so much trouble for his character. Katrina kaif is stuns everyone in the two songs but disappears in thin air after that. This films doesn’t require Abishek and udhay Chopra as they just stand and deliver mugged up dialogues, they were just included as this is a dhoom franchise.if you were expecting fast bikes, screeching tires and incredible chase sequences and sexy girls all over , Dhoom 3 gives you bit of everything but doesn’t keeps you in the edge of your seat.A predictable climax and a dragging second half makes the audience disappoint. i give the film 5/10

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