Aramm – Movie review

The film starts with the proceeding of an enquiry on IAS officer Madhivadhani ( Nayanthara) based on some decisions she took in an incident which happens in the village of Katoor . And so the story starts with flashbacks of the incident and cuts in between in the present with the enquiry sequence. The story is well planned as it focuses on not just one but brings into focus on all social issues and and how rural India is deprived of even basic requirements including water . Nayanthara shows how’s good she is as she dominates the screen . Other cast members like Rams / Ramachandran Durairaj and Sunulakshmi live in their roles which enhances the movie even more. Gibran’s gives a commands the BGM and supports the movie thorough out. Director Gopi nainar & team has delivered a well written , maybe too many social issues bundled up at the same time. But delivered truthfully. I give 7/10

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Nenjil Thunivirunthal – Movie review

Kumar(Sundeep) and Mahesh( Vikranth) are close friends . Mahesh is aggressive in nature whereas Kumar wants to lead a simple life without any issues. Mahesh and Kumar’s sister Anu are in love and they keep their relationship in secrecy . Kumar cares for Mahesh so much that it often gets him into trouble too. Parallel to this, the city has a ruthless gang lead by Duraipaandi( Harish Utthaman) who just doesn’t do illegal stuff , but makes use of the situation to his development. Things get heated up when Mahesh gets in the way of a illegal Real estate business and he becomes a target for Durai paandi’s gang. How Kumar manages to sort out all of this is the rest of the story.
Director suseendharan is known for his films having a strong friend relation, a story revolving middle class families and a ruthless villain. This also has the same formula but with little twist. Sundeep is still in his moulding form so he has to learn more , but happy to know that he is choosing right roles. Vikranth does his role to perfection, pity he is just been used as a sidekick. Harish Utthaman is gritty and matches the role perfectly. Saying that the story lacks balance , it moves off course in between and comes back into play and finishes incomplete. Dialogues could have been better and planned with the sequence as they looked bold in between and pale in the rest.The whole love angle of Sundeep’s character was unnecessary and could have been totally avoided. Music is big letdown and doesn’t work out except for bgm in some scenes. Overall movie is fine but doesn’t satisfy the audience in the end. I give it 3/10


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Aval – Movie review

Dr Krishna (Siddharth), a successful brain surgeon and his beautiful wife Lakshmi (Andrea Jeremiah), live peacefully in their beautiful house under the foot hills of the Himalayas. Their peaceful life is disrupted by a family which moves in as their neighbors. A series of paranormal events occur in their neighbor’s house involving their teenage daughter Jennifer (Anisha Angelina Victor ) which also affects the new couple’s life. Krishna takes it as his commitment to save Jennifer and to know what truly is creating these incidents. How both the families fight against this evil and get out of this is the rest of the story.

Aval gives a taste of true horror with the normal gory and blood spurting horror which tamil cinema is used. It has its scary moments which leave the audience frightened. For Siddarth and Andrea their roles are easy and they just perform easy and their chemistry is good. Anisha who acts as Jennifer has the tough role and performs well. Rest of cast okay and give a decent performance. Music and sound effects adds value and supports the movie genre.The movie has its low points in the second half as it slows down and story behind the paranormal events is a big letdown. Vfx and makeup was not creative and authentic. Still Aval is horror flick which you don’t want to miss. I give it 5/10

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Secret Superstar – Movie Review

Secret superstar

15 year old Insia ( Zaira Wasim) is a talented singer , who wants to become a super star in a singinf competition. But her dreams are confined only within the four walls of her room and to her mother Najma. Financially dependent on her abusive husband and conservative household Najma (Meher Vij) can allow her children them to be themselves only when her husband is on business trips. Though Insia tries her best to convince her mom into divorce, Najma stays reluctant and scared. Whether Insia gets to fulfill her dreams is the rest of the story.

Even with a very predictable story and simple story telling, Secret Super star stands tall in performances of the characters. Young Zaira gives and outstanding performance with good support by others actors. Aamir khan charms his way around in the second half but doesn’t over doo. Music and songs support the film well.Duration makes it little slow on the second half but the film finishes strong. Though Secrect Super star will not be a commercial success it will still entertain and stay in your heart. I give the film 7/10

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Meyaadha Maan – Movie review

In the first scene we get introduced to Murali/ alias idayam Murali( Vaibhav)
Drunk to the max, calling his close friend Vinodh and Kishore ( vivek Prassana & Arun Prasad) to say that he is commit suicide as his one side love with Madhu has ended. At first Vinodh and Kishore laugh it out but when they realise that Madhu is about to be engaged and Murali might actually do it. They immediately rush to Madhu’s house and beg her to talk to him. Madhu who has no clue about the one sided love, is shocked but agrees to help them and insults Murali on phone so that he will not commit suicide and eventually forget her. But this sparks events in both Murali’s and Madhu’s lives , which attracts them both towards each other. How this ends is the rest of the story.

Though the movie is filled with drinking and smoking , muted dialogues in every alternate scene, the movie still engages the audiences with lots of humour and friendship as its foundation . Vaibhav suits the role and does a decent job. The best performance comes from Vivek Prassana and Induja who plays Sudar as Murali’s younger sister. Both of them support the movie very well, and enhance those particular scenes which actually are the best in the movie. Priya Bhavani Shanker as Madhu gives a fair performance though there not much screen space for her. Music was at its best and adds much needed flavour to the film. Though the director Rathnakar Kumar managed to extract good performances from the cast, the second half was loosely scripted and failed to maintain connection. The duration also plays spoil sport as the scenes become repetitive and dull. With a varied reviews especially bad ones, Meyadha Maan still gets 5/10

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Mersal – Movie review

Till the day before Diwali, Mersal went through several issues, first the title row, then came confusion on the ticket pricing and finally the animal welfare board clearing which was needed for some scenes of the film. All this and Mersal released with maximum shows playing it in the city. The story starts with disappearance of key hospital staff and doctor which creates chaos across the city. When this criminal act is linked with Doctor Maran (Vijay) known as “the five rupees doctor” , the plot develops towards the medical practitioners and their service which is currently becoming the top industry in the country. How Maran is connected to this and how this ends is the rest of the story.

Though rumors started as this story is version of Apoorva Sagodharargal which also had triple character of the lead role Kamal Hassan, this one is a clearly is different with just a pinch of its flavor. Atlee has meticulously worked in the close knit story and well made screenplay by K. V. Vijayendra Prasad while acquiring the best from his lead role. Vijay has performed well and there are lots of mass scenes and moments which were tailored to make his fans go crazy. SJ Surya has done a good job and becoming top actors in the villain roles. Kajal Agarwal and Samantha have their moments but Nithya Menen is good and overcomes others by her performance. Vadivelu ,Kovai Sarala and Satyaraj have very little to offer but do their roles decently. Duration might look long for some, but was just right for me. Story is predictable which might cause dullness among the audience and songs could have been visualized better. Mersal gets 6/10

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