Pattas – Movie review

16 Jan

Dhanush comes after a revolutionary Asuran and an underwhelming Enai Noki Paayum Thotta, gives us an action packed Pataas. Film starts in 2001 as Kanyakumari (sneha) is brought to jailas she has killed a foreigner on Indian soil using her bare hands. We see a glimpse of flashback as she kills the person in under different circumstance but is accused as the evidence is against her. Cut to present day where we see Sakthi alias Pataas ( Dhanush) a petty thief not knowing that he has his roots to an ancient martial art called Adimurai. Kanyakumari is released but she out on revenge on Nilan a kickboxing veteran who runs a martial school. What is the connect between Sakthi and Kanyakumari and why is she out for revenge, and will Sakthi know who he really is , that forms the rest of the story.

The only positive thing of this film is only Dhanush as he is the only person who could have made this character presentable on screen. For him this is walk in the park and he makes this dual role look so easy. Sneha too has given a good performance as she leads the film with Dhanush. Music helps us to remain in focus but not great. The weakest being the story and a very predictable screenplay with nothing new in it. The first half is dragging as the main plot starts only in the end of it. Second half starts strong but loses its way towards a weak ending. Only plus point being that the film has showcased a pure form of martial art Adimurai which is less heard in the Tamil culture. I give it 3/10


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