Action – Movie review

16 Nov

Films opens in the exotic Istanbul, where Agent Diya(Tamannaah) is seen evading the local police, as she and agent Subash are wanted by the local authority and branded as terrorists. The local law enforcement catches Diya and she is forcefully taken to a rogue Officer who wants the where abouts of Subash. We are then taken a few weeks back were his father the chief minister of Tamilnadu is hosting a huge national party meeting in Chennai. But at the rally, the leader of the National party dies in a bomb blast and the blame falls on Subash’s elder brother (Ramki) who is the deputy Chief minister. Subash’s Fiancé Meera ( Aishwarya Lekshmi) too dies in the blast. Subahs’s investigation takes him to four corners of the world, as he tracks down each person behind this terror attack which leads him to an international terrorist in Pakistan. How Subhash brings him to justice is the rest of the story.

As the summary of the story seems neat and apt for Vishal, the screenplay and wayward writing makes you groan throughout the film. The over exaggerated action scenes accompanied by careless VFX and mindless dialogues makes you uncomfortable as an audience. An Action named movie becomes a total comedy for the audience. Though efforts from Vishal  and Sundar C is honest the movie fails miserably .i give it 1/10


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