Bigil – Movie review

28 Oct

Michael/Bigil is the main protagonist is an influential personality in his area, even the local Minister Succumbs to his words. Michael though branded as a local Don does gains respect from his locality and maintains control helps those in need. When the opposite gang attempts to kill him his close friend Kathir (Kathir) a football coach gets injured seriously and his women football team is left in desperate situation. Kathir asks Michael to take up his position and asks him to lead the team to victory. What follows is the flashback of Michael’s life as Bigil and how he takes the team to victory is the rest of the story.

Though Vijay’s performance as the Coach Michael takes command in the second half, the first half is taken by the Dual role of that of his father Rayappan. Even as many comments came as he wasn’t up to the mark as an elderly character, his role as Rayappan still stands out in the movie. With extra spicy masala by Atlee in dialogues and mass scenes which rocks Vijay’s fans in the theater, Bigil scores high on entertainment. Nayanthara was carefully placed throughout the film, but could have been replaced by any heroine as she did not have space to perform. Jackie Shroff was best to his role and was decent. With other small performances gets highlighted by induja, Reba Monica John, Indraja Shankar & Amritha Aiyer . The main culprit is the long first half which takes its own time to fall into the story. It could have been cut short by 20mins easily, which means to cut off the whole of Vijay;s romantic angle which doesn’t fit in this film.Action scenes were well choreographed VFX was decent, though the slow Mo’s were very obvious and used in frequent. Bigil still manages to score high on women empowerment and make it way high in the box office. I give it 6/10

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