Kaithi – Movie review

26 Oct

On the eve of the IG’s retirement party, the anti narcotic team led by  Bejoy(Narain) and his team confiscate a huge consistent of dugs entering the city of tricky. They hide the drugs under a secret basement tunnel under the commissioner’s office along with the people caught with it . The Mafia gang led by Anbu( Arjun Das) is in search of the drug and wants to kill the team who took his drugs. He also drugs the alcohol in the IG’s party and all the police chiefs who are present their are left sedated except for Bejoy who didn’t drink. Mean while the commissioner’s office is also left with only one head constable and a few youngsters arrested for drunk and drive case. Now Bejoy has to take all the cops to a hospital and also save the drugs at the commissioner’s office which is left unguarded from the Mafia . He left only with one person Dilli (Karthi) a prisoner who is on parole to meet his only daughter. Bejoy convinces Dilli to take all the cops in a lorry to the hospital, and to take him to the commissioner’s office , in return to free him and take care of his daughter future. How they survive the night is the rest of the story.
Lokesh kanakaraj who directed Managaram comes up with yet another thriller which takes place in one night. With no heroine, no songs, no punch dialogues and no mass entry scene by the hero this movie still makes the audience entertained and in sit in their edge of their seats till the end. Karthi fits the role naturally and takes control of the movie accompanied by Narain and Dheena who perform well. Best comes from George Mariyam as the head constable who is stuck inside the commissioner’s office all alone. Music by Sam CS and cinematography by Sathyan Sooriyan’s make the story telling complete. Background score is well supportive and camerawork which has only the night as the backdrop was well captured. It’s the length of the movie which becomes the culprit , atleast 10 – 15 mins could have been less.climax was a bit over cooked. i give it 6/10

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