Kolaiyuthir kaalam – Movie review

11 Aug

When multi millionaire Aabha Lawson leaves all her wealth and legacy to the adopted deaf and mute Shruthi (Nayanthaara) , she is brought to London to take over as the legal heir. the relatives of Aabha are not happy and try to convince her of writing off the wealth to their name. But Shruthi is adamant and wants to continue her mother’s legacy. But trouble starts on the night she arrives as her home is invaded by an intruder who starts killing the household one by one. How Shruthi survives the night is the rest of the story.

After the film was postponed for couple of times it finally released this Friday. Directed by Chakri toleti, remake of an American film Hush the film starts slow but becomes even more dragging and gets dull by as the minute rolls. Every element in the film fails to impress and Nayanthaara too delivers one of her weakest performances of her career. Best to avoid this film, which was a waste of money, energy and time. I give it 1/10

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